'He-Man: Masters of the Universe' Script Is Complete, Movie Could Go into Production Soon


We've long heard about a possible He-Man: Masters of the Universe movie, but nothing concrete came through. However, things have changed since the beginning of the new year, as it is now confirmed that the film is in the planning stages, and might just slip into preproduction in the coming months or a year from now.

Senior Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures DeVon Franklin made everything public after responding to a fan on Twitter about the prospects of Masters of the Universe ever coming to theaters. His response was clear as day, but it doesn't mean things are bound to happen since plans can fall apart at just a moment's notice.

"@Farafamgama @JeffWadlow is working 247, we'll have a draft into the studio for the holidays," says Franklin on Twitter. "By the power of Grayskull, this will happen!"

Franklin didn't end there, fortunately for us. After another fan asked some questions about the movie, he published an image of the book that is home to the script for Masters of the Universe, making it more clear that Columbia Pictures is interested in seeing this through.

From what we understand, Jeff Wadlow is the man chosen to write the script. He was brought in back in April to do a complete rewrite, and also to direct.

If it so happens that a Masters of the Universe movie should ever make it to theaters, it would be for the second time. The first movie back in the '80s starred Frank Langella and action star Dolph Lundgren. The movie turned out to be a flop at the box office, and not a single studio made attempts to revisit the universe until now.

The biggest disappointment of the Gary Goddard-directed film was due to the fact that it strayed too far from the source material. It didn't feel like a Masters of the Universe movie, and that was a huge problem for fans.

The movie was so bad that fans compared it to the terrible Super Mario Bros. movie back in the day. You see, the moment a film is compared to Super Mario Bros., it should be taken as a clear sign that the movie is bad, atrocious.

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