Apple just wrapped up its September event where it unveiled a couple of new products, including the Apple Watch Series 5.

Aside from the new ceramic and titanium materials, always-on Retina display, and other features, the company didn't really expand on what's under the wearable's hood. Now developer Steve Troughton-Smith found out more concrete details of the smartwatch's specs.

Apple Watch Series 5 Specs

Using Apple's IDE (integrated development environment) Xcode, Troughton-Smith discovered that the Apple Watch Series 5 shares a lot of similarities with its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 4.

According to the developer, the Cupertino brand's latest smartwatch has the same-generation CPU and GPU as the previous model.

He also confirms that the wearable has 1 GB of RAM. On an interesting note, another user chimes in to say that the Apple Watch Series 5 also has the same battery capacity as the Apple Watch Series 4.

iPhone 11, 10.2-Inch iPad RAM

Needless to say, Apple didn't just take the wraps off the Apple Watch Series 5 at its September event and called it a day. It also unveiled a trio of new iPhones and squeezed in an announcement for the new 10.2-inch iPad.

As is the norm for the company, it didn't reveal all the core specs of these devices that users want to know, particularly the amount of RAM.

Now Troughton-Smith also found out that the 10.2-inch iPad has 3 GB of RAM. On top of that, he has also confirmed that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max have 4 GB of RAM across the board, which falls in line with the findings of early benchmark tests.

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