Quantum computing is the way of the future and Google is paving the way as it becomes the first in the industry to achieve "quantum supremacy."

With its quantum computer, the company is capable of performing calculations that even the most advanced traditional computers cannot handle.

Google's Quantum Supremacy

According to Financial Times, a Google research paper that was temporarily posted online shared its recent accomplishment. The paper revealed that the company's quantum computer performed a calculation in three minutes that would take the most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years to complete.

It's described as "quantum supremacy," with the computer being able to solve tasks that are otherwise currently impossible.

The specific computation was not revealed, but the paper reported that Google used a 53-qubit processor that was dubbed as Sycamore.

CNET noted that quantum computing will go on to play a huge role in physics and chemistry simulations, since traditional computers aren't capable of simulating complex chemicals. Once perfected, it's expected to be important in the development of medication, solar technology, investment portfolios, and artificial intelligence.

As far back as 2018, Google has said that it was quite optimistic about its 72-qubit quantum computer chip Bristlecone and its chances for quantum supremacy.

"Google's recent update on the achievement of quantum supremacy is a notable mile marker as we continue to advance the potential of quantum computing," James Clarke, the director of Quantum Hardware at Intel, said in an e-mail to Gizmodo. "Achieving a commercially viable quantum computer will require advancements across several pillars of the technology stack."

The Advancement Of Quantum Computing

It's not just Google that's working on quantum computing. Companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Intel are also developing their versions. Recently, IBM announced that it will be making its 53-qubit quantum computer open for the public to use via cloud.

For regular folks, it may be difficult to grasp just how advanced a quantum computer is compared to a regular computer.

It's an entirely different machine, as explained in a guide on quantum computers. The classic computer systems work with bits of ones and zeroes, while quantum computers use quantum bits or qubits that are both at the same time.

Quantum computers operate under the rules of subatomic particles known as quantum mechanics. This advanced system will theoretically let these new computers solve problems that are unsolvable with traditional machines.

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