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Microscopic Signaling Chips May Pave Way To Smaller Mobile Devices With Better Functionalities

Mobile devices today have limited capabilities to transmit and receive high-frequency signals. But a new research on quantum computing showed that manipulation of phononic devices at the atomic level can drastically improve its functionality.

Feature | Tech December 14, 2018

Quantum Computing Discovery Reveals Time Moves Forward And Backward

Quantum scientists found that time does not always move forward after all. At the quantum level, time can move forward and backward, which means it is also true at the level of the rest of the universe.

Material Science July 30, 2018

Supercomputer In Japan Predicts New Exotic Particle That May Explain The Big Bang And Neutron Stars

By using a supercomputer in Japan called 'K computer,' a team of scientists predicts a new strange particle called the 'di-Omega' particle. More understanding of the new particle may give deeper insights into neutron stars and the Big Bang.

Space May 30, 2018

100,000 Gamers Help Challenge Einstein’s Theory Of Local Realism By Playing The Big Bell Test Video Game

One hundred thousand gamers from across the world were asked to participate in an experiment aimed at challenging Albert Einstein’s theory of local realism. Their participation closed the ‘freedom-of-choice’ loophole in Bell test equation for the first time.

Energy May 11, 2018

Scientists Manipulate 2 Atoms Into 1 Molecule In Breakthrough Step Toward The Future Of Quantum Computing

A team of scientists manipulated two atoms into one molecule whereas previous similar experiments had only achieved by combining a cluster of atoms. The breakthrough achievement became the most precisely controlled chemical reaction to date.

Feature | Science April 16, 2018

Scientists Created New Form Of Light With Potential Use In Quantum Computing

In experiments, researchers created a new form of photon that can attract or entangle each other just like atom-size lightsabers. The new photonic matter is also slower than normal light.

Energy February 16, 2018

Microsoft Wants To Teach Developers How To Code For Quantum Computers

Microsoft’s just-released quantum development kit offers developers a simulated quantum computer for them to test their programs on. It also includes plenty of documentation and other tools that help them learn how to code for the platform.

Microsoft December 13, 2017

Quantum Simulator Can Solve Problems That Fastest Conventional Computers Cannot

Two different teams of physicists have recently presented a new procedure for creating superconducting interconnects. The process has helped them to create a quantum simulator that can compute faster than classic type of computers.

Feature | Science December 3, 2017

IBM Leaps Toward Quantum Computing Supremacy With Its New 50-Qubit Quantum System

IBM just created a 50-qubit quantum computer, the highest there is, that represents a major leap in the quantum computing industry. But qubits are just one part of the story.

Computers November 12, 2017

China’s Quantum Satellite Sends Hack-Proof Signals Through Space

A Chinese quantum satellite is believed to pave the way in forming an unhackable global quantum communication network. Learn more about this recent feat in quantum key distribution and its potential applications.

Space August 11, 2017

IBM Eyes Quantum Computing, Says It’s Seeing ‘A Direct Path To The 50-Qubit Range’

IBM has announced that it’s stepping its quantum computing game up with its Q quantum computing program. Even better, it’s enlisting outsider programmers and developers to help push it forward.

Computers March 6, 2017

Researchers Uncover Clues To Protect Quantum Computing Networks Against Hackers

To understand how to protect quantum computing networks from threats, researchers from the University of Ottawa became hackers themselves, uncovering clues in the process to bolster hacking protection for next-generation computing systems.

Material Science February 7, 2017

Quantum Computing: Scientists Unveil First Blueprint For World's Most Powerful Computer

An international team of researchers has unveiled the first ever practical blueprint to building quantum computers. These powerful computers can solve complex problems at speeds faster than regular ones.

Feature February 2, 2017

A Quantum Computing Breakthrough? Scientists Invent Groundbreaking Method To Simplify Construction Of Quantum Computers

Researchers at the Sussex University have claimed breakthrough in making large-scale quantum computers. The simple technique involves applying voltages to a quantum computer microchip, a process that is deemed easier than other existing methods.

Material Science November 26, 2016

Microsoft Betting Big On Quantum Computing, Focusing Approach On Topological Qubits

Microsoft has unveiled big plans to enter the commercial market of Quantum Computers as a leap from today’s sequential computers. It also revealed the details of the team behind the project.

November 23, 2016

Researchers Build First Quantum Computer Bridge On A Single Chip

Researchers embedded two silicon atoms in a diamond matrix. The experiment demonstrated a link between two different quantum computers through the integrated diamond nanophotonics platform.

October 18, 2016

Quantum Computing, AI And More: How The Future Of Technology Is Shaping Up, As Per Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin talked about the developing technologies in the next decade, and his money is on AI, robotics and quantum computing. The tech veteran has high hopes for the future, and is ready to invest a lot in it.

Computers June 15, 2016

Scientists Test Quantum Satellite Device In Space: What This Means For The Future

Scientists from Singapore and the United Kingdom have successfully tested a quantum satellite device that could open doors for a global quantum network. What does it mean for the future?

Space June 3, 2016

IBM Quantum Computer Now Available For Anyone To Use Remotely

IBM gives virtually everyone a chance to get their hands on its 5-qubit quantum computing processors. The prototype quantum computer can be accessed remotely via the internet.

Computers May 4, 2016

Australia Launches First Nanoscience Hub: What This Means For The Future

Australia launched its first nanoscience hub, which has advanced research and training facilities that allow nanoscale studies. The building is host to University of Sydney's partnership with Microsoft in its research on quantum computing.

April 21, 2016

Humans Better Than AI At Solving Quantum Computing Problems

Humans are still better than AI when it comes to quantum computing, a new study has found. While computers may possess advanced features, they lack an essential thing humans have: intuition.

Energy April 16, 2016

Canada's Justin Trudeau: Feminist, Yogi, And Apparently Quantum Computing Whiz Too

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just schooled a reporter with an introduction to quantum computing. Trudeau was speaking at a scientific thinktank that had just received a $50 million budget.

Internet Culture April 16, 2016

Not Just Girls' Best Friend: Diamonds May Also Accelerate Quantum Computing

Diamonds will not just take your relationship to whole new level. A research found that diamonds can also accelerate quantum computing and finally make quantum computers.

April 12, 2016

Physicists Discover New State Of Matter: Quantum Spin Liquid In A Two-Dimensional Material

Scientists find direct evidence of a new state of matter - quantum spin liquid. The state was predicted 40 years ago but remained unobserved until now. The findings can help improve quantum computing power.

Energy April 6, 2016

Fredkin Gate Breakthrough Overcomes Obstacle In Quantum Computing

Particles of light helped simplify the process of building the quantum computer circuit's Fredkin gates. The breakthrough overcomes one of the obstacles of quantum computing.

March 28, 2016

US Intelligence Agency Awards Grant To Advance IBM Quantum Computer Research

The field of quantum computing may involve shrinking properties into atom-sized components, but its future sure is larger than life. This week, IARPA awarded IBM a multi-year grant that will allow scientists to work on advanced quantum computer research.

December 10, 2015

Google's D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer 100 Million Times Faster Than Regular Computer Chip

Google announced Tuesday that its D-Wave 2X quantum computer successfully solved an optimization problem within seconds. The processing speed is 100 million times faster than that of classical computer chips, scientists said.

December 9, 2015

Researchers Prove Pairs Of Subatomic Particles Have ‘Spooky’ Connection That Transcends Time And Space

There's more evidence in favor of spooky action from a distance. It seems Einstein was wrong about quantum entanglement.

Animals November 14, 2015

Intel Wants To Spend $50 Million To Develop Quantum Computing Tech

Intel is joining the ranks of IBM, Google and Lockheed Martin in the race to develop quantum computers. The chip giant partners with Dutch institute QuTech to conduct research on quantum computing.

September 4, 2015

IBM Announces New Developments That May Lead To Practical Quantum Computers

IBM reveals two breakthroughs in quantum computing, opening up possibilities for various applications in the field by allowing simultaneous error detection never done before.

April 29, 2015

Amazing Maser! Princeton University Researchers Build Microwave Laser No Bigger Than Rice Grain

Researchers exploring ways to use quantum dots have built the tiny microwave laser. The device is hailed as a step toward the development of quantum computing systems that use semiconductor materials.

Energy January 17, 2015

5 Videos Illustrating the Future of Gaming

With advances in technology, gaming continues to be improved upon, with better graphics and larger worlds to play in. But what does the future of gaming look like? We've taken a look at five of the most promising areas in technology and how they could impact gaming.

Video Games December 11, 2014

Exotic Material May Be the Next Big Thing in Electronics

Move over, silicon. Samarium hexaboride is here, touting dramatic capabilities that could significantly boost computing power. The material receives official classification, solving a mystery that physicists have pondered for decades.

December 9, 2014

Development of two new types of quantum bits bring scientists closer to quantum computers

Researchers from the University of New South Wales developed silicon quantum technologies that can hold data with over 99 percent accuracy, a breakthrough that could eventually lead to the realization of the super-fast quantum computer.

Energy October 14, 2014

Scientists develop technique to record quantum behavior of electron

A new report by researchers from collaborating universities significantly contributes to the developing science on quantum computing and opens new possibilities for further research. Here’s what they discovered and developed.

Energy August 18, 2014

Quantum computers versus ordinary computers? Boring fight. Draw.

A recent study dispels the premise that D-Wave’s quantum computers are way faster than conventional computers, suggesting the need for more speed to be considered a supercomputer. Has D-Wave broken its promise?

Computers June 22, 2014

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