Apple made iOS 13 official on Sept. 19, and that means plenty of iPhone users are already enjoying the numerous features it's coming with.

That includes the new and highly requested system-wide Dark Mode and the swipe-based keyboard QuickPath, among others. Those are considered to be some of the biggest highlights of the new software version, but there are a lot of other useful features that the Cupertino brand didn't exactly touch on.

At that, there's a good chance they may have gone under the radar of some users, but here are a couple that deserves to be in the spotlight as well.

Low Data Mode

Its name is already self-explanatory. When it's on, apps will use less network data, which is perfect for those who find their monthly data allowance running low.

This can be found in Settings > Cellular.

Optimized Battery Charging

Bad charging habits can destroy any device's battery sooner than it's originally expected to last, such as charging it to 100 percent and leaving it plugged in for long periods, which usually happens to those who charge overnight.

The iPhone is no exception here, but thanks to iOS 13's new Optimized Battery Charging, users will have an easier time to manage their device's battery health. What it basically does is, it charges an iPhone up to 80 percent and keeps it there for a while. It allows the iPhone to go up to 100 percent right before the user needs it.

This is under Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

App Store Download Limit Removed

As a piece of good news for those who are subscribed to unlimited cellular data plans, iOS 13 lets users remove the 200 MB download limit on the App Store. That means they can download apps or games that are well over 1 GB if they want to.

This one's in Settings > iTunes & App Store > App Downloads.

Silence Unknown Callers

Sick of spam, robocalls, and all that? iOS 13 has an anti-robocall feature called Silence Unknown Callers. Put simply, it pretty much just blocks unknown numbers from calling users who enabled this feature.

Go to Settings > Phone to turn this on.

Apple is also set to release iOS 13.1 on Sept. 24. The update is going to bring a new feature that lets users listen to the same music or watch the same video on a single device using two pairs of earphones called Audio Sharing, which was originally supposed to be part of iOS 13.

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