During Amazon’s recent hardware event, the company announced affordable security cameras from its Ring subsidiary. Prices start at $59.99 for its first-ever indoor security camera.

Third Generation Stick Up Cam

A couple of affordable Ring security cameras were unveiled at Amazon’s recent hardware event, one of which is not exactly new, but is the third-generation of the Stick Up Cam. The new version is rather similar to the older versions in that it can be used indoors or outdoors, puts out 1080p video, comes in a weather resistant frame, and has motion-detection and night vision features.

However, the new version comes at $99.99 compared to the previous version’s $179.99, and can now be solar-powered in addition to the plug-in and battery options. It is currently available for preorder and will ship out on Oct. 23.

First Ring Indoor Camera

The other new camera, Ring Indoor Cam, comes even cheaper at $59.99 and is the company’s first indoor security camera which can easily be placed anywhere around the home. It comes with all of the features of other Ring products such as DIY set-up, motion-activation alerts, Live View, two-way talk, and compatibility with the Ring app.

With multiple Ring Indoor Cams at home, users can have a full view of their home, whether for daily use to interact with the people at home or to check up on the house when on vacation.

The Ring Indoor Cam is already available for purchase.

Home Mode

Amid issues with data security and tech companies listening in on recordings from smart devices, Amazon also announced that Ring devices will feature the Home Mode this coming November. The feature will prevent Ring devices from recording video and audio when the users are home, hopefully giving users a bit of peace of mind about their privacy.

“Every home is different and has unique security needs, so, as a team of inventors, we’re constantly developing new products that allow every customer to create a smart security system that works best for them,” said Ring founder Jamie Siminoff.

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