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(Photo : Apple) Apple users can now download the Amazon Music app on their Apple TVs. The service is currently available for the standard Apple TV HD unit, as well as for Apple TV 4K models running on at least tvOS 12.0.

The Amazon Music app is now available on the Apple TV, making it possible to stream tunes on the standard HD unit and 4K models.

Amazon revealed on Thursday that its official music streaming app can be downloaded and installed on Apple TV devices that are running on tvOS 12.0 and later. This allows users to access millions of songs and thousands of playlists and channels that already exist on the platform.

Karolina Joynathsing, Amazon Music's business development director, explained what the company envisions for its music streaming service.

"We believe that listeners should be able to stream music simply and easily on any device they choose," Joynathsing said. "With that in mind, our aim has been to bring listeners more ways to enjoy their favorite music."

Joynathsing added that they are excited to offer the Amazon Music app to Apple TV users around the world. This includes customers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Amazon Music Features

Some of the global playlists currently available on Amazon Music include "Pop Culture," which features several of the most popular tunes on the airwaves, as well as "Rap Rotation," which is where hip-hop fans can listen to for their favorite beats.

Listeners can also browse and search tunes from various artists and musicians, and access all of their purchased imported music through the app's "My Music" library. They can even sing along to the tracks by turning on the scrolling lyrics option.

Amazon Products On Other Devices

Amazon has been active in allowing some of its products and services available on other devices.

Last year, the company signed a deal with chief rival Apple to have more Apple-branded offerings featured on Amazon's marketplaces. Before this agreement, only a select number of Apple products could be sold through Amazon's third-party sellers at varying price points.

Now, Amazon has expanded its Apple inventory, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Beats headphones, and Apple TVs. The company also supports Apple Music on Echo devices.

For its part, Apple has since added the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited app to the iOS. Users can also watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple devices.

With the upcoming launch of Apple TV+, the iPhone maker promised its fans that the video streaming service will be available through a wider range of devices, including Amazon's Fire TV.

Making the Amazon Music app available on Apple devices may be a sign that tensions are starting cool between two of the biggest competitors in the market.

However, the growing partnership may have hit a slight snag earlier this month, when the Amazon Prime Video app mysteriously disappeared from the App Store. It has since been reinstated on the Apple marketplace.

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