Have you been constantly chatting on WhatsApp about a trailer on Netflix? Surely, it's such a hassle to leave the app to watch it then go back to the messaging system to tell your networks how you love the video. Here's the good news! Now, you don't have to switch apps anymore to see the Netflix trailer you love. WhatsApp has a new feature you'll undeniably appreciate.

You can now view Netflix trailers directly on WhatsApp. engadget describes this innovation as "a simple change but could be useful for people who watch a lot of Netflix" and intend to watch more trailers with their WhatsApp contacts. There is just one condition, though, for you to enjoy the Netflix trailers—you should use an Apple device that's working on the latest iOS version.

No Official Announcement Yet

As of this writing, WhatsApp has not made an official announcement yet about the new feature. A follower of WABetaInfo only spotted it, and no one knows, however, when it's going to be available on Android. Also, WhatsApp wants to make it clear that the new feature only refers to trailers. Anyone who wants to stream the full movie or show still needs to access the Netflix app.

As mentioned, WhatsApp users are the ones who reported this discovery, which is seemingly a 'secret feature' added to the messaging app, initially exclusively on iOS. Relatively, it's not clear if the feature is accessible only on the beta version presently and, thus, have yet to be rolled out in other regions.

Other Videos Available for Viewing on WhatsApp

It's not the first time for WhatsApp to introduce a feature that lets the user stream videos without leaving the app. Last year, it made it possible for one to watch Facebook and Instagram videos on the app. Therefore, it is no longer surprising that WhatsApp is introducing additional video content. Just the same, the feature was also initially available only for iOS.

And, like this exciting offer introduced last year for those fond of watching trailers and videos, this latest update (though unofficial) from WhatsApp, the Netflix trailers, are loaded up as previews. Meaning, people can send trailers of the famous movie app to each other and participate in discussions about the videos they watch from the same app they are viewed at the same time.

WhatsApp is unstoppable when it comes to offering its growing number of users features that will make them enjoy more and maximize their use of the app. Just recently, the leading messaging app introduced a new set of exciting features which are worth trying and experiencing. 

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