Philips recently launched a 24-inch television running on Android TV. This latest offer is designed specifically for the kitchen, and it has a built-in Google Assistant for maximum viewing benefit. Initially priced at $299, the new Philips Android TV is incomparable on the market today as it is, again, designed for the kitchen and not the bedroom or living room. It is also ideal for installation in other parts of the home like the home gym or garage. Philips designed this new smart TV to replace the use of the tablet in the said areas.

Like most smart TVs using the Android TV platform of Google, Philips Android TV is among the top of the newest interface and provides a home screen, and integration of Google Assistant, and different viewing apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Google Play, among others. This latest innovation from Philips features a smaller footprint compared to most devices that use a centered stand, sheltering the speakers.

With Built-In Google Assistant

The Philps Android TV is not the ordinary TV that lets you watch your favorite series for pastime. It has built-in Google Assistant, the dual speakers you can use for any content you play on screen. In addition, this Android TV platform has integrated microphone with echo-canceling and far-field features, which allow you to access Google Assistant and watch your favorite videos on Youtube, or movies on Netflix.

This state-of-the-art television set is ideal, too, for someone who loves watching how-to's cooking videos, as well as those who are fond of following step-by-step procedures on the Internet. More so, with the new Philips TV running on Android, you can control your whole viewing experience by a voice, which includes pause and play, fast forward and rewind, and volume. You also have control over compatible smart home devices from which you don't need to get hold of remote control. All you have to do is say, "Okay, Google," and you get access to the hands-free entertainment right away.

Most Appropriate in the Kitchen

As earlier mentioned, Philips Android TV is designed for some parts of the home except for the living room and bedroom. However, the maker claims it is designed ideally for the kitchen. Not intended for replacement of the main TVs at home; instead, they fill in the place where conventional TVs are way too large. The kitchen seems to be among the most evident examples, and Philips mentions this in the description of the product by noting how a user can simply ask Google to access his or her much-needed or favorite recipes.

The latest smart TV from Philips was first exhibited in 2018. Relatively, it remains to be seen, the reason why it's only now that it's landing the store shelves, even though almost nothing appears to have changed since the exhibit. Other than the size, this Android TV's resolution is impressive at 1366 x 768, and the device is looking into offering a more improved audio quality. Fortunately, Philips has included in the Android-run smart TV the built-in Google Assistant, a dual-speaker system. 

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