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Black Friday is the ultimate shopping day for those looking for a great deal. Even those who have niche hobbies and interests usually have something to look forward to, with the best deals that can't be seen anytime else throughout the year.

For retro gamers who wish to relive their childhoods of staying in arcades until they're out of quarters, Walmart is slashing the prices of their arcade cabinets right before Black Friday 2019. These gaming stations can easily be set up in your home and cost a fraction of their arcade counterparts. 

Asteroid Arcade Machine

One of the cheapest arcade cabinets available this Black Friday 2019, The Asteroid Arcade Machine, will just run you $169, an almost 55% discount from its regular $299 price. Included games in this cabinet are Asteroids, Major Havoc, Lunar Lander, and Tempest, all developed by Atari.

Centipede Arcade Machine

Another Atari collection arcade cabinet, the Centipede Arcade Machine costs $179 during this Black Friday. Centipede, Missile Command, Crystal Castles, and Millipede are bundled together in this Arcade Machine.

Pacman Arcade Machine

The original game that started the arcade craze is finally available as a home arcade cabinet at just $249, a good $50 off its original price. Colored in the game's iconic yellow, this arcade cabinet includes just two games: The original Pacman developed by Namco and the upgraded Pacman Plus released by Midway.

Galaga Arcade Machine

Defend the earth from the evil Galaxians! The Galaga Arcade Machine has both the original Galaxian and its popular successor Galaga. This fixed shooter arcade cabinet will just run you $199, a cool $100 off its original price.

Final Fight Arcade Machine

With four different arcade games (Final Fight, 1944, Ghosts 'N Goblins, and Strider), this arcade cabinet is a good starting point for those who want to start building their own collection. Right now, it's just $199, pretty much a steal from its original $299 price.

Marvel Superheroes Arcade Machine

A sweet arcade cabinet for those who love the Marvel franchise, fighting games, or both. This cabinet includes two classic fighting games: Marvel Super Heroes and X-Men Children of the Atom. And if you're tired of trading punches with one another, you can also opt to play The Punisher to bring justice to the streets of New York. For just $249, you can take this piece of a childhood home.

Star Wars Arcade Machine

For die-hard Star Wars fans, the Star Wars Arcade Machine is a must for their personal collection. Designed with iconic imagery from the original trilogy, this cabinet has the three licensed arcade games based on the original film trilogy. It's $50 off, bringing it down to just $449.

Do take note that these Arcade Cabinets stand around 4 feet high when built. While most of these cabinets have risers that raise them to adult height, some of them don't. You'll have to find or build a sturdy booster or buy the official one for just $45.

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