Reports have been coming out lately suggesting that Verizon is planning to introduce its own streaming box. However, detailed information about the device is not yet clear as of this time. In a confirmation posted on the tech products review site, CNET, it was indicated that a specific device was in progress, and that might be launched by year end.

Unfortunately, CNET said it was "not [in] the position to tell the public with 100% accuracy when exactly Verizon" is launching the streaming box. The only thing the tech site claims it knows is that the device in the works is an Android TV device. Rumors have discovered proofs in the Google Play Developer Console that the Verizon Stream TV box is going to be powered by Android TV.

A Google Platform

Aside from the almost-sure information about the Android TV, another rumor has been floating around about the plan to launch the Verizon streaming box. People have been talking about Verizon, "to use Google's platform on the device." Fortunately, there's the Google Play Developer Console that seemingly gave way to the information which CNET shared it knew about Verizon's use of Android TV for its streaming box.

It was on Twitter that the Verizon Stream TV was first discovered. It came out in the Google Play Developer Console recently, insinuating the looming launch. The appearance of the box on the Google console remarkably confirms it is set to use Android TV, apparently modified through the use of the "Operation Tier."

One Thing is Sure: YouTube TV is In

While there's no confirmation on the box yet, CNET was so sure though it is in progress and that "Verizon Stream TV is Android-powered but did not mention the Play Store yet." One thing is certain: YouTube is going to be the device's core part, and it comes with a free trial for one month. Verizon hasn't made any confirmation yet when the Stream TV is going to hit the market. However, the device is a part of the firm's wider 5G Home initiative.

5G, as Digital Trends describes, "is the next generation of mobile broadband that will eventually replace, or at least augment," the 4G LTE connection. With this technology, a user will see exponentially faster speeds for upload and download. To date, Verizon already has a number of 5G-supported gadgets available. These include the Samsung Galaxy S10; however, still, according to Digital Trends, the carrier supports the "5G Moto Mod for the Moto Z3 and Moto Z4." 

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