Google Stadia, the company's video game streaming service, is nearing its launch, and Google Store is just starting to charge pre-orderers for the upcoming shipment, plus they have also released ten more games in the last minute.

Google Store Begins Charging Pre-Orderers

According to 9to5Google, Google Store has only made the process of charging pre-orders for the Founder's Edition of the Stadia.

The problem is, many had started pre-ordering it when it first went live over five months ago, and that some people already had their cards expired.

Google does provide a seven-day grace period so you can add another method of payment before your order is officially canceled. Once the payment is made, the Google Store Order page will have a note confirming your payment and that they will email you once your shipment is ready.

Additionally, some are reporting their delivery estimates have extended a few days, while others got earlier ones.

Nonetheless, shipments should be coming out just in time for its Nov. 19 launch.

Additional Games at Launch

Meanwhile, The Verge reported that Stadia would be adding ten more additional games that will be playable on the streaming service on day one of its release, including:

  • Attack on Titan: Final Battle 2

  • Farming Simulator 2019

  • Final Fantasy XV

  • Football Manager 2020

  • Grid 2019

  • Metro Exodus

  • NBA 2K20

  • Rage 2

  • Trials Rising

  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Cyberpunk 2027, Doom: Eternal, and Watch Dogs: Legion are all confirmed for release on Stadia in 2020, while Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which was initially slated for 2020, will be released on Stadia by the end of the year, along with a few more titles.

Missing Features

But, while everything seems good, not many are a fan of Google Stadia--mostly because the features that were promised won't be available on it yet.

During Stadia's Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, the team has revealed that Stadia will be missing a few key features during the launch, but that according to the developers, they will roll them out "as soon as one week after the launch." 

So, what will fans be missing on the launch day?

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Players won't be able to access the achievements system, but achievements will be saved and will be recognized when it launches "shortly" after the launch.

Family sharing will also not be available for now, but parents can still manage the experience their children will have when using Stadia through the parental controls that can be found on Family Link.

Most of all, Stadia won't support Chromecast Ultra devices for a while, which will be used to stream the games on 4K screens—something that many have been waiting for.

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