Google announced recently it would shut down Google Print, one of its features, in 2020. This feature lets one easily print things from the Internet using Google Chrome, even on printers lacking an internet connection. The Internet giant through 9to5Google said, "it will print its final pages on December 31, 2020." For quite some time now, Cloud Print has been Google's handy service as it functions both on mobile and desktop devices. It also provides extended usability to older versions of printers. Remarkably, in spite of being launched back in 2020, This Google Feature still has a beta tag.

Supporting document via The Verge has it that Google is highly recommending the use of printing experience-based into Chrome Operating System, or, for those using a non-Chrome operating system, they can use the native printing infrastructure of their respective platforms. Some Cloud Print users took social media, particularly Twitter, to express how they mourn over the future death of this Google service app.

Unacceptable shutting down of Cloud Print

Google is making the announcement of Cloud Print's shutdown as early as now as it seemingly anticipates resistance or regret as a reaction from its users. The said twitter users' mourning the soon-to-end printing service of Google, as mentioned in The Verge, is probably among the reasons why the company has given over a year's notice before it ends its function for good. There is no apparent and particular reason given by Google, for why it is putting an end to its Cloud Print feature.

Since the Cloud Print of Google can be used from any device that runs on the Chrome browser, it is understandable that many cannot favorably accept its nearing end. Undoubtedly, the Google Cloud Print was extra helpful for users of the Chrome OS whose current printers, according to TechRadar, "may not have been compatible with their Chromeboxes or Chromebooks."

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No More Google Cloud Print in 2021

As earlier mentioned, starting January 1, 2021, devices through all OS cannot print anymore, using the Google Cloud Print. Because of this, Google said it is recommending that users of the said feature should identify a substitute solution and implement a migration tactic. Regretfully, the company added, its Cloud Print service is no longer quite as essential at present as it was a decade ago. The primary use case for this was to print from Chromebooks. However, Chrome OS currently supports local printing, and Google has plans of expanding on that functionality before the cut-off date.

Moreover, the Android operating system does not require Cloud Print anymore, as the local native printing feature in Oreo and the majority of the printer already have their own app and print functions. Despite this, it cannot be denied that Cloud Print still made it effortless to manage printers from different manufacturers, all in one area, not to mention, let legacy USB printers to work as cloud-enabled devices when connected to a computer with Chrome. Android app, on the other hand, was included on new mobile devices for years, recently allowed around 1 billion installations. 

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