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Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year (and in today's context, it is now a full week of shopping deals). It can get overwhelming. There are multiple discounts in every store, special hours for certain deals, and almost unlimited shopping promos to choose from. It is an important time for bargain hunters who want to grab the best of the best deals from this shopping season. How can you shop this Black Friday like a true bargain hunter? Here are some hot tips so you can maximize the biggest sale of the year.

black friday tips - tech times
(Photo Credit: mmi9 from Pixabay)

1. Have a list of your priority items

Seeing huge discounts here and there is so tempting to the point that you will be enticed to buy items that you don't really need, just because it's on a huge sale. Prepare a list of the things you really need to buy and that's where you want to start your Black Friday research. In making a list, look closely at your needs and wants and categorize the items based on this. You have to be more objective on this so emotions will not get in the way of your money-saving process.

2. Do your research before buying anything

Search for the best shopping deals even before buying anything. This will help you plan and organize your shopping so you can get the cheapest possible price for the products you want. You can get information from your local newspaper, ads on various apps, online search, social media, and advertisement on physical stores. Compare prices and offers. Take note of the amount of savings per product and if that type of discount is rare. Some items are on sale for multiple times a year so you have a lot of chances to get them. Knowing this can let yourself prioritize more important things to shop. 

3. Bring the ads to the store where you'll shop

Some discounts offered by stores are only applicable if you can show proof that the discount is advertised. So it's better to be prepared. Bring the print ads with you if you can. Photos and screenshots of ads will also do. And alongside your busy days, keeping these ads can also make you remember the deals you shouldn't miss.

4. Purposely leave your online shopping cart without checking out

When you're shopping online and you still can't find a good discount for the items you need to buy, try abandoning your shopping cart for a few hours. But make sure your account is logged in on the shopping site where you want to buy the items. Usually, after a few hours or even after 24 hours, brands will email you something like "Complete your checkout to get an additional 10% discount today." Just be careful to take note of when a specific sale ends because you would want to complete your shopping before that. 

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