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Google Assistant now has new features, including beta support for the new G Suite Business tools. Google appears to be fixing the issues it once had with assisting G Suite account users, with the beta test reaching a select few initially before it rolls out to a broader audience later on.

Google Assistant for Business Users

Google has announced earlier this year that Google Assistant will be available for use for G Suite applications. Google Assistant has long been available for regular consumers for their daily tasks, but people who log in to their G Suite account may find themselves surprised that Google Assistant does not work with their G Suite applications.

Google has announced that a beta will be available that finally integrates Google Assistant to a few of the G Suite apps. The AI-powered voice assistant can now manage Google Calendar tasks by voice command. These include calendar setting or canceling meetings, as well as scheduling or rescheduling. Google Assistant can now also connect users to conference calls, or send emails to all members of the conference call. Google says that the Assistant can simply ask to be connected to their next meeting, and the assistant will be able to understand the context from the calendar. These functions will also be integrated with the Google Hangouts Meet devices built by Asus. This is part of Google's intention to redesign Hangouts as Hangouts meet, a team message and video communication platform designed to compete with Slack.

Google Assistant is also applying the AI functionally in non-voice applications. The Smart Compose feature available right now for Gmail will also be available for Google Docs, this feature will suggest common phrases to speed up writing. The artificial intelligence powering Google Assistant learns and adapts according to users' writing styles, and is able to learn words and language that is suitable for the users' context. Other improvements include word suggestions and automatic correction for common spelling mistakes.

G Suite with the Google Assistant Beta Test Application

Users may now apply for the G Suite with Google Assistant Beta Test as long as they meet the requirements. Requirements to apply to the beta test include being a super admin of a G Suite domain, and each domain must agree to the Pre-General Availability Program Addendum. Upon approval, beta testers will be able to experience the use of Google Assistant with G Suite Services, such as Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Keep, and related applications.

Other improvements that were mentioned earlier are G Suite Add-Ons--it allows users to access their most-used G Suite applications from a side panel; a CRM tool for information while using Google docs, and more project management tools that will be available via email. This is on top of improvements added over a year ago, such as DropBox integration for G Suite users. Overall these new tools are part of the upgrades directed for G Suite users, focused on creating tools for management as well as bringing some functions of Google Assistant that have long been available to regular consumers.

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