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Last November, Microsoft quietly announced the upcoming OS update, which was officially labeled as Windows 10 version 2004. This took a lot of people by surprise since almost everyone is expecting the company to follow its unofficial tradition to release updates with the 03-marker as seen in previous spring releases; however, Microsoft explained that they avoided naming the upcoming Windows update "version 2003" to prevent confusion with existing products such as the Windows Server 2003.

Regardless of how it is named, though, the forthcoming OS update sounds promising as Microsoft is starting to unveil some of the changes that we'll see once version 2004 is made available. Without further ado, here's what you will get from Windows 10 version 2004.

What are the New Features of Windows 10 Version 2004?

Resetting PC Using Cloud Data

In the past, it was necessary to use local data to reset a PC. But with the upcoming update, users will be given an option to reset their PC by using the cloud. This means there will be no need to install updates that Microsoft has released after resetting the PC since all the latest updates are available in the cloud data.

Restarting Apps After Shutdown

The upcoming version 2004 OS update will apparently have a "Restart Apps" option under Accounts > Sign-in Option, which will enable apps that weren't closed during PC shutdown to reopen automatically on the next Start.

Switching Between Classic and Enhanced Search Indexing

After Windows update KB4512941 was released back in September, there have been reports of a bug that caused a spike in user's CPU usage. It became a somewhat controversial issue as the said update was released in an attempt to fix errors and issues of the OS update before it. This may be the reason why Microsoft is now incorporating an option to switch between classic and enhanced search indexing to reduce disk and CPU usage.

Other Features of Windows 10 Version 2004

The new OS update is expected to have the GPU temperature on display as well as hard drive types like SSD or HDD. It will also offer an option to rename virtual desktops, change cursor speed, set a fixed bandwidth limit, and create events through the taskbar.

Improvements in Accessibility, Xbox Game bar, Bluetooth pairing, Network cameras, DirectX, Raytracing, Windows Sandbox, and Windows Subsystem Linux 2 are also expected to be featured in the new update. Better alternatives for non-password sign-in is also under development as well as additional kaomoji and special characters that can be readily used by PC users.

Are These Features Officially Part of Windows 10 Version 2004?

In all honesty, version 2004 is still in its testing stage - which means that features and changes that are seemingly part of the upcoming OS update right now might not make it to the final stage. Nonetheless, there is a big chance that we'll be seeing the features mentioned above in Windows 10 version 2004 as long as Microsoft does not encounter any problems during beta testing.

When Will Windows 10 Version 2004 be Released?

Currently, there is no official date announced by Microsoft; however, analysts are speculating that it will be released after the new Microsoft Edge. In fact, a lot of people believe that Windows 10 version 2004 will be highlighting the new browser. Microsoft is yet to confirm this, though, so we'll have to wait and see. Either way, version 2004 is expected to be available by the year 2020.

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