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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue: Fix Now Rolling Out

The latest firmware patch released by Microsoft is expected to correct a firmware error that causes the Surface Pro 3 battery drain. The company will also refund consumers who opt for out-of-warranty replacements after experiencing the problem.

Microsoft November 10, 2016

Windows 10 Mobile Rolling Out To Some Existing Devices: Here's The List Of Eligible Handsets

Microsoft is finally pushing out its Windows 10 Mobile upgrade to older Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Unfortunately, the list of eligible devices is still short at the moment.

Apps/Software March 19, 2016

Windows 10 Redstone Update Coming In June: What To Expect

Windows 10 is getting ready for a two-part update that should expand its functionality. The first half of the Redstone update, coded RS1, goes live in June and there are quite a few reasons to look into it.

Apps/Software March 4, 2016

How To Upgrade From Windows 10 Home To Pro Edition: It's Quick And Easy, But There's A Catch

Microsoft finally fixed a pressing issue that did not allow some users to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. The company has now posted a default Pro key that will upgrade your system from Windows 10 Home to Pro, but there's a catch.

Apps/Software December 24, 2015

Microsoft vs. Privacy: Windows 10's Controversial Tracking Tools Hitting Windows 7, 8

Microsoft has rolled out some controversial updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8, bringing the most criticized aspect of Windows 10: user tracking and extensive data collection.

Apps/Software September 8, 2015

Can't Wait For Windows 10? Here's How To Force Your System To Update

Windows 10 has already started to show up for some PC users, but it's rolling out in waves. If you don't have the green light yet but don't want to wait any longer either, here's how to force the update.

Apps/Software July 29, 2015

Samsung And Microsoft Relationship Could Have Soured Over Sneaky Program Disable_Windowsupdate.exe

After being called out, Samsung has agreed to leave the Windows Update alone. On Samsung laptops and tablets, the update was deliberately crippled.

Apps/Software June 29, 2015

Samsung To Release Patch In A Few Days To Unblock Windows Updates

Samsung has issued a statement that the company will be releasing a patch within a few days for its software to stop disabling automatic Windows Updates.

Apps/Software June 28, 2015

Why Samsung Laptops Deliberately Disable Windows Update

Samsung laptops come preloaded with an executable that disables Windows Update, and the company has explained why it chose to do so. With Windows Update disabled, users have to manually download and install updates.

Apps/Software June 24, 2015

Microsoft asks users to uninstall patch causing Blue Screen of Death

Microsoft has retracted its August Windows Update after the patch caused Blue Screen of Death errors. A fix for the problem has also been issued.

Apps/Software August 18, 2014

Threshold: Microsoft's new wave of Windows updates will unleash upon us in 2015

Windows 8.1 was publicly released in October 2013 and rumors are already rife that Microsoft has begun working on its successor, codename "Threshold."

Apps/Software December 2, 2013

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