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In classic Riverdale fashion, fans of the teenage drama are once again brought into twists and turns, as the ever-convoluted plot gets more convoluted. By this point, it's probably the show's signature feature where you'd never expect what kind of drama is going to get resolved and spring up the following week.

Watchers of the series will remember the ending of Season 3. Archie, Veronica, and Betty are seen next to a campfire burning someone's clothes. Focus then on Jughead's signature beanie, which launched thousands of fan conspiracies of theories. And what's most common about these theories? Obviously, is that Jughead's dead.

Tonight's episode might have just confirmed this theory. At the very last scene of the episode, two kids in prep school uniforms who we could probably assume come from Jughead's school point out and say:

"Those are the kids we saw kill Jughead."

Well, this is one step closer to the truth. But we can't help but feel that this is another ruse from the show's directors and scriptwriters. For one, why is such a massive reveal done in the middle of the season? Giant plot twists such as these usually happen at the end or beginning of the season. Though it is true that we're only three episodes away from the halfway mark of the season, we can't help but feel that there's more to this. And we really do think there's something else... but of course, this is just par for the course for Riverdale's writers.

A (very far-fetched) fan theory

So here's one theory that might be out of this world (but at this point, anything's possible right?). And it involves Jughead, particularly his casting.

Anyone familiar with Jughead's actor, Cole Sprouse, knows that he has a twin brother, Dylan. And while the two haven't really been in a television show ever since The Suite Life of Zack & Cody ended all those years ago, it might just be possible that both Sprouse brothers would end up as characters.

Our guess is that Jughead has a twin.

At this point in time, Riverdale has used every single conceivable trope out there, so the "secret twin at birth but grown-up separate and different from each other" is just as plausible as anything. Anyway, the "Jughead" the prep kids saw that the gang killed wasn't really Jughead but his long-lost twin.

And how would you show twins in a TV series? Well, it is possible with today's current technologies. But it just makes perfect sense for Riverdale to cast Dylan Sprouse as the twin. Why spend money on expensive CGI when a perfect copy already exists? And, if it is all true, it'll make great headlines as the first show to reunite the Sprouse brothers on TV.

So, assuming that this theory is true, what's "evil" Jughead's role in all of this? Well, that's where we're stumped. But we're pretty sure that the writers over at Riverdale already have something cooked. We're still 14 episodes away from the season finale, so anything's really possible.

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