Brand, new TVs is are among the main highlights of CES, one of the world's most influential tech trade shows, this January in Las Vegas. It has tons of tech gadgets from phones and PCs, to smart doorbells and even robots. However, TVs frequently are such scene stealers. It doesn't matter if the new look of the screens is flashy and big. But the technology responsible for them is probably quite familiar to the shoppers at present. TVs are more technologically mature, not to mention, so it is typically not a good idea to wait for a brand-new product to be introduced.'

This won't hinder the TV manufacturers form overwhelming its valued customers with up-to-date catchphrases in their constant attempt to sell new products. This coming year, TV enthusiasts have all the reasons to be excited as "more 4K, 8K, HDMI 2.1, HDr, 120Hz, QLED, OLED, ZLED, and ULED are about to come," and the future users are promised of the said features to be more than they can handle. In terms of price, 8K TVs are expected to "get cheaper," but as mentioned in a CNET article, they "remain expensive."

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CES 2020 Featuring Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump
(Photo : Photo by BipHoo Company on Flickr)

Ivanka Trump is gracing the CES 2020 "as a headline speaker in a panel" with Gary Shapiro, Technology Association (CTA) President. The CTA that's putting on the enormous tech trade show has not yet announced in public, about this talk with the Presidential daughter and the senior adviser. As earlier mentioned, CES is among the world's most influential tech trade fair, with big players in the industry as participating players.

Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook are among the companies taking part in the CES 2020. As for Ivanka Trump, she has played a vital role in the technology outreach of the White House. In fact, she even joined Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, at an announcement of job initiative in October. She accompanied President Trump's visit to the production facility of Apple, as well, in November.

More 8K TVs in 2020

This year, 8K televisions like LG, Sony, and Samsung became a trend in the market. However, they stayed a bit expensive with the 65-inch Samsung being the cheapest at $35,000.This coming year, several manufacturers are set to introduce more 8K TV sets, and as tech experts and reviewers assume, they are to reach lower prices. According to Stephen Baker, vice president of a market research company, the 8K TVs' market share this year "was quite small to report." He continued, On a unit basis, they are not expecting the 8K TVs to surpass 1% "of volume until 2022."

This coming year, another TV manufacturer is seemingly joining Sony and LG in marketing and selling OLED TVs in the United States. Another company that's set to enter into the OLED market is Samsung. Other than the OLED and 8K features to look forward to, bigger TVs are also set to grow in number this 2020. Indeed, as Baker stated, the more significant trend is the substantial growth they h have seen in a more mature TV market-one where consumers are known to be reducing the number of their TVs at home.

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