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LG TVs Get Smarter With Google Assistant Voice Controls And ThinQ AI

LG announced new home cinema experiences with ThinQ and Google Assistant, and now, it's delivering. Google Assistant is now live in LG's premium Super UHD and OLED smart TVs, so here's what it brings.

Smart Home May 9, 2018

Hisense Smart TVs Adding Amazon Alexa Service In 2018

Hisense has announced that it is partnering with Amazon to bring the e-retailers digital assistant, Alexa, to some of its 2018 Smart TVs. The company will reveal which smart TVs get Alexa support at CES 2018.

Gadgets January 4, 2018

Samsung QLED TVs Hit CES 2017, Aiming To Revolutionize TV Experience: Great Image Quality, 'New Era Of Entertainment'

Samsung has unveiled its new QLED TV series at CES 2017, promising a 'new era of entertainment.' The new Q9, Q8, and Q7 QLED TVs deliver the best picture quality ever, according to the company.

Televisions January 4, 2017

Samsung Smart TVs Shove Ads Down Users' Throats, And No, There's No Real Opt Out

Samsung pushed an update earlier this month, forcing ads on its smart TVs. Users are furious about this practice, especially since the only way to fully get rid of the ads is to disconnect from the internet.

Gadgets December 27, 2016

Netflix Recommended TV Seal Awarded To LG, Sony UHD TVs

Netflix has named its suggested televisions for 2016. The streaming service has picked Sony and LG, two manufacturers whose some units were able to pass no less than five of the criteria needed to earn the Netflix Recommended TV badge.

Gadgets March 22, 2016

Old Vulnerability Threatens Millions Of High-Profile Mobile Apps, Smartphones, TVs And Routers

Trend Micro has found an old vulnerability that still threatens millions of devices. Smart TVs, routers, mobile apps and smartphones are affected.

Apps/Software December 7, 2015

'Back To The Future II' Technology That Really Exists

'Back to the Future, Part II' made a ton of predictions about the technology of 2015. So what came true? More than you might think.

Movies/TV Shows May 25, 2015

Privacy Advocate Group Prods FTC To Investigate Samsung Over Smart TV Issue

EPIC, a nonprofit advocacy group, claims Samsung violated federal privacy law because of its Smart TV's ability to collect and transmit recorded conversations.

FUTURE TECH March 1, 2015

CES 2015: New Samsung Smart TVs Will Be Powered by Tizen OS

Samsung is looking to free itself from the clutches of Android, as seen in its upcoming lineup of Smart TVs running on Samsung's own Tizen OS. The commercial viability of the Tizen platform, however, remains a big question.

Gadgets January 3, 2015

PlayStation Now Games Coming to Samsung TVs and Sony is Happy: Here's Why

Sony and Samsung have teamed up to bring the PlayStation Now games streaming service to the select Smart TVs from the South Korean company in 2015. With Samsung dominating the global TV market, Sony seems poised to expand its services on non-Sony platforms effectively.

Video Games December 25, 2014

AllCast can now stream content to any Android device

Streaming fanatics have something to be happy about. AllCast has a new companion app called AllCast Receiver that now allows them to stream photo or video contents to any devices running on Android.

Apps/Software May 21, 2014

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