iPhone Mobile Photography
(Photo : Reuters) By knowing some tips and tricks, iPhone cameras can produce professional-quality photos.

Are you looking at entering the world of mobile photography ? Then read on to know more some tips and tricks perfect for your iPhone camera! 

Apple is continuously improving iPhone camera specs over the years since it launched its first device. It is making innovative ways to make their phone cameras competitive in the market. The company makes sure that its phone cameras are equipped with the latest technologies to provide every iPhone device user the functions they need.

Here's how to make the most of iPhone features for mobile photography:

1. Turning off Live Photos Effects on Captured Photo

Live Photo is a feature in iPhones that allows users to capture an image 1.5 seconds before the camera snaps a photo. This iPhone camera feature produces lively photos. Though, some people may still want to capture standard type photos.

To turn off this feature, the user needs to open the 'Photos" application and select the picture they want to remove the effects of 'Live.' Next, the user needs to click the 'Edit' button placed on the upper right corner of the screen. The next step is to click the Live Photos button in the lower-left part of the iPhone's screen. Lastly, the user should click the 'Live" button placed on the upper middle part of the phone's screen. Click 'Done," and your photo is now free from the 'Live feature effects.'

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2. Switching to Ultra-wide Cameras

Every aspiring photographer starts with taking photos of family and friends during gatherings and other events. For taking good quality photos, the iPhone is also a good companion for taking that perfect 'groupfie' shot.

Some individuals who are into mobile photography use their iPhones for wide shots for groups of people. It is also used for capturing beautiful landscapes and other nature shots.

For iPhones, click the 0.5 mm button then drag to the ultra-wide sensor feature of your iPhone.

3. Switching to Telephoto Lens

Many mobile photographers who are into taking photos of sports events and wildlife may consider purchasing the iPhone Pro 11. The telephoto lens feature of iPhone Pro 11 is an upgraded feature of the iPhone series. It is helpful for capturing the perfect photos of distant subjects like athletes and wild animals.

For iPhone users, the telephoto lens can be easily activated. Just click the '2x' button, and you are good to go. Compared to the other telephoto capabilities of other iPhone models, the iPhone Pro 11 produces sharper images of distant subjects.

The Future of Iphone Mobile Photography

The compact size of iPhones and its powerful camera makes it one of the most helpful inventions for mobile photography. The portable size of iPhones makes it a convenient tool for capturing the perfect shot while outdoors.

The Smart HDR and Portrait Mode features of the iPhone are just some of the many incredible functions created by Apple. The 'Portrait Mode,' for example, produces photos that are similar to the image quality.

Apple had turned the iPhone into a powerful computer that is opening multiple possibilities for its camera technology. With computational photography, iPhone camera features will continue to soar.

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