Grand Theft Auto VI has been on top of everyone's expectations ever since Rockstar Games has been doing a great job with all of their games, and things just got better when an ex-employee leaked the possible release date for the up and coming to GTA VI this 2020 or 2021! Rockstar Games has an incredible reputation of keeping its development process secretive from fans from the release date, platforms, to the latest development itself! 

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Ex-Employee Squeaked about Possible 'Grand Theft Auto VI' Release Date!
(Photo : Screenshot From GTA VI Facebook Page)
GTA VI possibly released 2020 or 2021

Everything we know so far about GTA VI

Only bits and pieces of trusted information about GTA VI have been released, and although it has not come as an official statement, reliable sources have relayed this information; Therefore, fans can lean towards believing them. The setting of GTA VI is set to be in the holy land of Vice City and is greatly inspired by the Narcos TV series on Netflix.

Without official statements from Rockstar, we cannot entirely get our hopes up as we wait for the official statement regarding the upcoming GTA VI. The good news though, is that at least we have something to look forward to! Imagine how amazing GTA VI would be!?

What we can expect based on reputable sayings

An equity research firm Jeffries has spoken to Darion Lowenstein, who is one of the industry's veterans when it comes to video game companies having experience working with big names like Activision, EA, Rockstar, and others. According to Lowenstein, we cannot be expecting GTA VI to come any time soon. Reports from The Daily Star have given his statement.

Darion noted that Rockstar is more concerned about the quality of GTA VI rather than the actual deadline of the game, which is why they cannot be expected as soon as we want them but rather, on a mysterious Holiday on 2021! A sad reality, but gamers will have to wait just a little bit more.

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Lowenstein's reliability when it comes to the release of GTA VI

Lowenstein has had a great experience, and a couple of good insights when it comes to the workings of Rockstar, which is why deeming him as bankable would be something fans would have to do. But at the end of the day, everything up to this point is still a guess. The future is still uncertain pertaining to the release date of GTA VI

Trevor from GTA V

GTA V's Trevor, played by Steven Ogg was an amazing performance. In October 2019, Ogg released a statement that a sequel could be on the works and released around 2020 or 2021, which supports what Lowenstein was talking about. Connecting the dots, both statements make sense that 2021 could, in fact, be the year of release for the next GTA game. 

Better than nothing, at least we have something to look forward to, and we are sure to be surprised on a mysterious Holiday when Rockstar suddenly announces the final release date for Grand Theft Auto VI

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