GTA VI may be coming in less than three years
(Photo : Rockstar Games)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the best-selling video game franchises in the world, having sold more than 250 million copies. Its success is currently sustained by the popularity of its latest entry, GTA V (2013), and by its online game subscription service, GTA Online (2013).

Successful as GTA V may be, fans are still clamoring for a sequel. It's been almost seven years since the release of the last game, so it's only natural for fans to look for a sequel by now. In comparison, it only took five years for GTA IV to be succeeded by GTA V.

That's why rumors of an upcoming GTA VI game are sure to cause some stir. Here are all the facts (and rumors) we know so far about GTA VI.

We're Sure GTA VI Is In The Works

Rumors won't mean much if we don't have concrete evidence. That's why it's great to have something to hold onto during these early times of development when nothing much about the game has been revealed yet. For GTA VI, this comes in the form of a resumé by a former Rockstar employee based in India. According to his resumé, he has worked for video game art for GTA V DLCs and for the "upcoming GTA VI."

Unless that former employee is not genuine with his credentials, it's all but officially confirmed that the game is in the works. Rockstar's acquisition earlier this year of the art studio Dhruva Interactive, which is based in India, adds more credence to the resumé's claim.

The Know claims to have insider info pointing towards a 2021/2022 release. Meanwhile, there are also rumors that the next GTA game would be a PS5 exclusive. If this were true, then we won't be seeing a GTA VI game until the PS5 comes out, which is not until Holidays 2020.

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Easter Eggs

Rockstar loves their easter eggs, even using them to tease their projects. Various easter eggs also point out to possible locations for the next game. For example, some flyers and beach towels in GTA V point towards a return to Vice City. Previous generations of GTA games already had their locations remade in the 'HD Generation' of GTA, including San Andreas and Liberty City, but no Vice City yet.

Playing With Our Feelings

GTA V's trio of protagonists could be real pranksters. Their respective voice actors also have the same temperament. In multiple interviews where all three were together, they'd give offhand, obviously untrue declarations about Rockstar's future projects. This includes 'leaking' GTA VI release date to be on May 2021, 'teasing' that CJ (from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) might return in future games, and even saying that the three of them could return for GTA VI.

Ah, Here We Go Again

However, if we were to look at Rockstar's history, it's highly unlikely that we'll see protagonists from previous games reappearing in GTA VI. Beyond short cameos or having short appearances, GTA's protagonists have never returned for another major role in future games. You could make a case for having a first for everything, which could lead to CJ coming back, but don't get your hopes up.

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