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Rejoice, Apple Music fans! The streaming carrier has added Apple Music Replay 2020. The update is a newer version of its 2019 feature on the way to routinely maintain a playlist of all of your favorite tracks, updated weekly, right through to the end of the year.

Similar to Spotify's Wrapped function, which shows you a yearly summary of the song you listened to, Apple has long gone one step in advance. You will be capable of see your Top 100, as of now.

In this part, Apple's attempt to get ahead of Spotify's year-in-overview playlist, and it probably won't be too beneficial before everything. At the same time, it will easily replicate your mood for the past few weeks. Nonetheless, it may be helpful to expose how your tastes evolve over the year. Not to mention, all your available favorites playlist will display what you have been playing recently.

How do you use Apple Music Replay and see your 2019 stats?

To access your stats: (1) log into your Apple account on; (2) scroll to the bottom of the page; and (3) click "Get Your Replay Mix."

It then generates a selection of playlists based on your non-public stats. It tells you some essential records you probably in no way knew approximately your listening habits - then be robotically be updated weekly, depending on what you've got been paying attention to for the past seven days.

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At the end of the year, Apple Music Replay will inform you what number of hours of music you've listened to this year months, what number of distinct artists you've listened to, and who your maximum played was - which you could then add straight in your track library.

Given that we're just a few weeks into 2020, it's not going to be that helpful while it merely displays your #JanuaryMood (We already know there may be going to be so much Billie Eilish on there). Still, it can be true for retaining song playlists you can't get sufficient of right now.

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You can also create a playlist from previous years

To create playlists for past years, do the same at the Replay website: (1) Click "+Add" button at the bottom of the year you desire to create a playlist; then (2) Repeat Step 1 for other years.

But you need to do it on your smartphone, which will add to your library to your phone.

How do I access the playlists I've already made?

Your playlists should automatically appear to your Music Library for your iPhone once you've got downloaded them from the replay website.

It's well worth bearing in mind that Replay continues to be in its beta mode. That means Apple could eliminate it at any time - but if it sticks around, it is approximately to emerge as a complete game-changer.

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