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e-Commerce giant Amazon is removing off items from the platform that claims to cure the lethal coronavirus. The warning comes because the coronavirus outbreak has continued to worsen.

With the coronavirus spreading worldwide and the general dying toll in mainland China surpasses 2,000 as of Thursday, Feb. 19, fighting misinformation on the virus has come to be the main challenge. On top of it, a few dealers are taking advantage of the fears of the virus by way of making fake claims.

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'Bad stakeholders' taking advantage of coronavirus fears

Various dealers tried to make money off of fears on the coronavirus. Sellers on Amazon have supplied books that stoke fears about the virus. Stocks of medicines and vitamins have surfaced because of fake claims that it could cure the illness. 

Fox News, on the other hand, reported that Amazon saw some of the sellers adding things to their listings that would be seen as preying on people's concerns of the coronavirus. One listing, Fox News said, claimed it met the CDC'S standards for "use against the coronavirus." The report added there might be a boom in masks, books, certain sorts of vitamins introduced to Amazon's marketplace as of writing.

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According to an email received by CNBC, the organization notified third-party traders this week that it became taking down listings claiming to be a treatment or cure for the coronavirus.

Amazon now seems to be monitoring mentions of the coronavirus in products listed on its marketplace. In one case, Amazon informed a supplier it would put off their listing for surgical face masks because it made "unapproved clinical advertising and marketing claims." As of Thursday afternoon, the product became available for buy on Amazon. The company advised third-celebration sellers it would recall reinstating the flagged listings if they removed the "prohibited scientific claims."

Users in Facebook organizations for Amazon dealers have shared similar stories of warnings they obtained from Amazon this week.

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Amazon has taken steps to dispose of a few listings bringing up the coronavirus. However, CNBC noted examples of products that "flouted" the rules. One seller listed disinfectant cleaners claiming to "kill" the coronavirus. Another seller also claimed their item met the Center for Disease Control's criteria "for use towards the coronavirus."

Amazon coordinates with WHO to combat coronavirus misinformation

Amazon had recently discussed with the World Health Organization on measures to combat misinformation about the coronavirus spreading on their platforms.

Facebook and Google have been preventing coronavirus misinformation since late last month. As the ailment keeps to spread, the combat towards false claims continues to prevail as well.

Twitter has also created a new dedicated search prompt to ensure the facts on the #coronavirus are credible once a person searches for information.

Instagram users were also encouraged to go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for credible facts on the virus when clicking the #coronavirus hashtag on the app.

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