Austrian authorities hastily try to stop coronavirus panic
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Four skiers identified with the most aggressive coronavirus strain in Austria could be removed from the local health facility. The local authorities reportedly said the patients are no longer welcome in Saalbach anymore.

Group-member John Groake, 51, who tested negative for coronavirus, narrated to Daily Mail that local authorities told the quarantined in the ski resort that they 'cannot stay in Saalbach.'

Mr. Groake, an IT security manager from Leeds, added the group will be taken to a quarantine house in which six other people. There, they'll all share double beds in residence but are divided to 'positive' and 'negative.'

Saalbach is presently hosting the Alpine Skiing World Cup - a highly popular event that attracts spectators from across the world.

Scientists worry the skiers - who are part of a group of ten staying in a ski inn in Saalbach - contracted a more second coronavirus strain which a 61-year-old skier caught in Italy.

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Coronavirus L-strain 'getting out of control'

Austria presently has 99 confirmed cases of coronavirus. The virus has killed 3,500 worldwide and has infected more than 100,000.

The coronavirus demise toll in Italy - wherein the virus spreader is said to have stuck the virus - increased from 133 to 366. At the same time, the cases skyrocketed from 1,492 to 7,375.

Dr. Richard Greil, who handled the skiers while they had been in the sanatorium, claimed all the cases reported in the location had been coming from Italy. He defined the virus as being 'completely out of control.'

It is extensively speculated that Italy has a more potent variant of the virus - called the 'L' version; however, there is no concrete evidence for this.

Scientists say the S-kind was probably the original strain that moved from animals to humans. The second strain emerged rapidly after that, with both versions now spreading.

The more competitive seems to be the L-kind, which it's far speculated is the type now established in Italy.

Ravinder Kanda at Oxford Brookes University stated: 'There do appear like different strains.'

She added: '[The L-type] might be more aggressive in transmitting itself, but we have no idea yet how those underlying genetic modifications will relate to disorder severity.'

Erik Volz at Imperial College London said viruses to undergo evolution when they're transmitted to a new host is 'normal.'

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Austrian authorities hastily try to stop coronavirus panic

In Austria, news of the infected British organization led to quick attempts to stop panic.

Local officers even initially said they had been trying to get a charter flight to dispose of the relaxation of the British institution. Still, they later backpedaled and stated this turned into a misunderstanding.

Dr. Richard Greil, who is head official at the Salzburg Landeskliniken clinic handling quarantined patients, said the first British man who become hospitalized, a 61-year-old, got seriously ill.

Greil explained that two different British men, aged 44 and 49, had the very mildest symptoms despite the fact that they're technically infected. He added the two patients were taken to the health facility to avoid panic.

He stressed, however, that under ordinary instances, even though they examined advantageously, the shortage of any significant signs might mean that residence quarantine would commonly be satisfactory.

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