iPhone 12, the next 2020 Apple smartphone from its iPhone series, is set to be released within months from now. Obviously, Apple leaks are now coming from left to right, and recently, Geekbench scores of Apple's newest processor Apple A14 have become available for us to see. Interestingly, Geekbench discovered a milestone on Apple's iPhone 12, and you might even be shocked at what they discovered! 

iPhone 12 vs MacBook Pro: The answer you want to hear 

[LEAKED] iPhone 12 Performance Shows That This Device Can Beat MacBook Pro in Speed
(Photo : Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash)
[LEAKED] iPhone 12 Performance Shows That This Device Can Beat MacBook Pro in Speed

According to a report in Apple Insider, the famous Geekbench scores are now out in the open, and the scores just proved the assumptions of most tech experts in the industry: iPhone 12 is the most powerful smartphone being developed out there! Why did we say this?

Aside from the other leaks about iPhone 12 like its price of around $700, iPhone 12 design that could possibly be the most 'different' design of Apple so far, and its compatibility to Apple's newest A14 processor. Geekbench currently released their scores for Apple A14 that will support iPhone 12.

It turned out that Apple A14 may become the first ARM mobile processor to officially exceed 3GHz, according to Research Snipers. 

What could this mean?

If you know your smartphone and its performance level, you would know that-- if Apple A14 exceeds 3GHz-- this would be the best thing that could ever happen on the smartphone world. 

[LEAKED] iPhone 12 Performance Shows That This Device Can Beat MacBook Pro in Speed
(Photo : GeekBench 5 )
[LEAKED] iPhone 12 Performance Shows That This Device Can Beat MacBook Pro in Speed

As seen on their survey, the latest iPhone 11 on the market have 1329 single-core points and has 3468 multi-core points. Compared to this device, iPhone 12 has so higher respective scores that exceed the normal 3GHz with its rumoured single-core 1658 points and multi-core 4612 points.

iPhone 12 is so fast; it can beat MacBook Pro!

Though it's no longer news that iPhone 12 has an impressive performance compared to its predecessors, Geekbench scores also prove that iPhone 12 is not just a competition to iPhone 11 but even to MacBook Pro!

As explained, the 12.9-inch MacBook Pro has an installed A12X chipset-- which reportedly can be beaten by Apple's A14 chipset. A12X chip has 1110 on a single core, and 4568 on the multi-core points. These scores have a slim margin against the iPhone 12. 

This means that you can replace your MacBook Pro that costs higher with its over $1,300 value with iPhone 12's lower prices of only over $700. 

MacWorld's famous iPhone leaker Jason Cross already estimated the Geekbench's scores and his assumptions were close to similar.

"The trend line gives us a score around 4,500, but I think a combination of architectural changes and clock speed will give us a lot more. I wouldn't be surprised if the Geekbench 5 multi-core score creeps up to 5,000 or so," said Cross. "For what it's worth, the fastest Android phones score around 3,000 on this test, and a score of 5,000 would be similar to 6-core mainstream desktop CPUs or high-end laptop CPUs. It's a 15-inch MacBook Pro territory."

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