The clinical trial with regards to the evaluation of the coronavirus vaccine designed to protect the public against the deadly coronavirus or Covid-19 has just recently been finished and is going to undergo proper testing this Monday! Although this may seem like exciting news, there is a huge hiccup with regards to when this coronavirus vaccine may actually be ready. According to the Public Health Officials, it would still take 18 months to properly approve any potential vaccine! Can the world wait that long?

[CORONAVIRUS CURE FOUND] Coronavirus Vaccine Begins Testing Soon! Could This be The End to The Pandemic?
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Coronavirus vaccine

Will the coronavirus vaccine be available in time to save the world?

The very first participant who will be the subject of a trial will be soon receiving the experimental vaccine on Monday according to officials but the details of the following experimental coronavirus vaccine have not yet been open to public. The National Institutes of Health is behind the funding of this project which is said to be taking place at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute located in Seattle.

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The subject of the experimental coronavirus vaccine

The subject of this testing will start with about 45 young and healthy volunteers who will receive very different doses of these shots that have been co-developed by a familiar NIC and Moderna Inc. The participants will not get infected by the shots since they do not possess the virus itself. The very goal of the experiment is to see if the vaccines show side effects which would then bring the vaccine to the next stage of larger testing.

There have been dozens of groups working on a vaccine

In the world of biological science, it has become a race as to who will be the first to create the coronavirus vaccine as the amount of Covid-19 cases continues to increase worldwide! The pursuance of these vaccines when done by different producers tend to speed up the process as each one incorporates a technological method which can be used to develop a unique type of vaccine.

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Some researchers are focusing on a temporary vaccine

There are some people who are tasked to focus on the long term fight and there are also some people who are tasked to focus on the short term fight which is why there are a few researchers who are keen on focusing only on the short term vaccines with hopes of having an instant remedy although not permanent but at least functional as of the moment.

The coronavirus has reached a global pandemic

There are about 156,000 people who are already infected with the virus and although there are only 5,800 dead, the number seems to rise every single day. The existing health problems being dealt with around the world add on to the risk of getting infected and suffering gravely from this virus.

Although the world has seen positive news as the vast majority of the infected have finally started to recover, a coronavirus vaccine is necessary to defeat this global pandemic long term!

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