Coronavirus now forces people to stay at their homes, wherein it is safer from any viruses that are located outside. A lot of companies already suspended their workplaces to allow work-from-home set up to protect both their employees and businesses. During these times, do you still have time to work out and strengthen your immune system from the virus? If not, you're not alone! 

Coronavirus tip: Make time on your health and exercise using these free trial apps!

How to Stay Fit Amid COVID-19: Online Gym Apps Offer Free Workout Classes; Viral Spanish Trainer Helps Neighbors to Workout
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How to Stay Fit Amid COVID-19: Online Gym Apps Offer Free Workout Classes; Viral Spanish Trainer Helps Neighbors to Workout

If you think that staying at home with the issue of Coronavirus may excuse you to workout, you're mistaken! In fact, now that a virus quickly spreads out all over the world, it is more advisable to exercise more often to strengthen your immune system from getting the virus.

Peloton app free online classes

Luckily, since most people are now trapped inside their homes, online gym apps are now also spreading with good deals that you can widely choose from. For example, Peloton-- a streaming fitness class app-- is now offering a 90-day free trial of their yoga, meditation, strength, cycling, running, and other fitness classes that anyone will enjoy to use.

This is a very unusual offer of Peloton since the app normally accommodates a 30-day free trial for new members.

Planet Fitness features live-streaming fitness routines

If that can't get you to exercise, maybe a live-streaming fitness class might get your hips moving. Another online fitness class is now offering free home workouts for people that can't attend their gym classes for months. Users only need to go to their Youtube page at 7 pm ET each day for the next two weeks.

"Our daily routines have changed in unexpected ways, and we know that people may not be able to get to the gym. That's why we're offering a free, daily virtual fitness class for everyone on Planet Fitness' Facebook page from Monday through Friday," said Jeremy Tucker, chief marketing officer of Planet Fitness, in a statement to USA TODAY.

Viral Spanish fitness trainer teaches neighbors to stay fit

If you're looking for a creative way of making your neighbors stay fit during Coronavirus quarantine, this viral video of a Spanish fitness instructor might inspire you to stand on your feet and workout. 

According to Yahoo News, a fitness trainer named Gonzalo was behind the video. He was seen coaching simple gym routines with the residents of his apartment complex in Seville through jumping jacks, squats and reverse lunges. 

If that video doesn't get you up from your bed, you need to seriously workout now.

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