After a weekend full of complete couch potato status that included binging watching Netflix and munching on Halloween candy, we tell ourselves that Monday will be the official day we return to the gym. Then Monday hits us like a ton of bricks, with the extra mental weight leaving us exhausted.

Not like we need another reason not to hit to gym hard on Mondays, but according to a report by Jawbone, we now have another reason— it's too crowded.

The report found that Monday is the most popular day for people to workout at the gym, mainly because many people share the common view that Mondays bring a fresh start to get back on track.

As the week passes, people become less motivated, making Friday the best day to grab a dreadmill treadmill. The report found that Fridays have the lowest gym attendance than any other weekday.

When it comes to the weekend, more people work up a sweat on Saturday compared to Sunday at the gym. However, weekend gym attendance is still lower than the rest of the week.

Similar to our fitness habits, people were found to eat more unhealthy meals as the weekend approaches. Mondays were found to be the day where most people ate the healthiest. Even though less people go to the gym, more people indulge in things like French fries and beer during the weekend. 

Even if you spend your weekend relaxing, remember that working up a sweat at the gym will boost your mood and increase self-confidence so you can wear those skinny jeans to happy hour.  As far as Mondays go, it might be best to it make it your rest day.

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