Thanks to the Coronavirus, you must be bored out of your mind now, eh? Well, fret not! NASA, Adobe, and Good Old Games got you covered with these free things you can do while you are stuck at home doing absolutely nothing.

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Adobe is giving out free access to Creative Cloud

Students and teachers can now use Adobe's Creative Cloud for free, but only temporarily. This aims to help students be productive while they stay at home during this difficult time with the novel Coronavirus.

The Creative Cloud can only be accessed when the University's Information Technology Administrator personally contacts Adobe regarding this offer via this form that has been handed out. Adobe will then inform the applicants on whether or not they have been approved to avail of this offer.

Universities around the world have opted to close down their campuses as a response to the virus. They have also asked their fellow employees to work from instead. Though, other tech companies have been helping the public by making their products free,  convenient and accessible to educational academies. 

NASA's website is full activities for kids and adults

NASA has been helping children and adults pass their time while learning and enjoying some new fun and free stuff on their website. From astronomy to spaceflights, you can now continue learning about space exploration while lacking things to do at the moment. Here is the list of some of the fun things to do:


This is an interactive tracking tool wherein it allows users to search for their location and find out when, where and how they can see the Internation Space Station or the ISS from where they currently are. Users will have to sign up for email alerts and texts whenever the ISS will appear in the sky like a bright shining star or that is passing by.


Aside from the worldwide live telescope view, SLOOH will have their astronomy lessons as well on Thursday, March 19. This aims towards K-12 students who are all staying at home. They have stated that "Slooh's live lesson will be educational, inspiring and soothing. During the program, students will learn how to explore space by following in the footsteps of famous astronomers to make their own personal discoveries using Slooh's Quest curriculum."

This will start at 4:30 pm EDT.


NASA Podcasts will help the public catch up and learn at the same time just by listening to the devices. These podcasts include Welcome to the Rocket Ranch, The Invisible Network, NASA Explorers: Apollo and Houston, We Have A Podcast.

These podcasts focus on human spaceflights, moon exploration, behind-the-scenes and profiling activists.

GOG Spring Sale Hands out Free Witcher Goodies

For streamers and gamers, after claiming the offer, The Witcher Goodies Pack can now be accessed in their account's game collection.

The goodies pack include art books, original art, soundtracks, printable templates,  and Witcher comics. This is a 4.35 GB file to download which hints players how much of a colossal free content is being given by GOG. 

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