Peaches Pilates
(Photo : Screenshot from: Peaches Pilates Official Website)

As gyms all over the world close down due to the coronavirus or COVID-19, one Pilates studio has moved their entire classes online to help their customers be fit and healthy as they observe social distancing.

Peaches Pilates
(Photo : Screenshot from: Peaches Pilates Official Instagram Account)

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Peaches Pilates is not leaving their customers behind

Sydney-based pilates studio, Peaches Pilates have opted to move all of their classes online and just for $99 onwards, everyone can be able to gain access to 16 various kinds of workout to do while in isolation.

Along with your payment, an equipment bag is also provided and will be posted to you.

You can now workout right in the comfort of your own home

Various videos will be provided for you to try out. Like your typical 'Total Body Toning.' where you'll be able to do leg and tiny toning exercises while doing the clamshell pose on your mats and some kicks here and there to help you get in shape!

All movements and exercises will be pretty much mimic what you do in an actual pilates class but this time, it's in your own home and through a screen. This means that you can definitely continue to have the same results as you normally would.

Tori and Bec, the founders of Peaches Pilates announced on Instagram that they have in fact closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, saying, "It is with a heavy heart that we announce our studios in Bondi, Maroubra and Cronulla will be closing their doors, effective immediately."

They have also said that after six straight years of back-breaking work to get their community to where they are now, they feel so devastated to have written those words. Though, they exist to improve the lives of others and will be doing so online until the time comes that they can once again open their doors.


Pilates was originally used for WW1 soldiers

Pilates is a whole-body exercise that has been developed for almost 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates. This was actually used to rehabilitate soldiers in World War 1 before it became a strength and conditioning for dancers.

This has become a favorite exercise of the elite in New York back in the 1960s. They now have a vast range of styles and some even combine pilates with boxing and yoga aside from classic, hybrid and contemporary classes.

This traditional and popular method focuses on flexibility, endurance, and muscular strength and is performed to prioritize on precision technique, controlled and flowing movements, balanced postural alignment, and use of breath to try and center the mind.

Loyal customers and fans of Peaches Pilates were pretty much excited to jump in and take their classes online, giving the praises and love.

The studio is now offering readers 20% off on their online workout right now.

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