Nintendo's Ring Fitness Device Now Costs $300 From $80 Amid Coronavirus; Why is That?
(Photo : Screenshot from: Nintendo Official Youtube Page ) Nintendo's Ring Fitness Device Now Costs $300 From $80 Amid Coronavirus; Why is That?

If you're stuck at home due to Coronavirus and can't seem to do anything besides from watching Netflix or checking updates on Twitter, Nintendo Switch has its newest fitness device that can make you move despite staying at home. Ring Fit Adventure, launched last year, has now faced huge demand from the market since almost all people are locked in their homes. Unfortunately, the stock for this device is now totally sold out, and people seemed to be doing anything just to avail one-- even paying trice the retail amount or making long drives.

Ring Fit now sold out; Amazon resellers sell their device for over $300

Launched in 2019, Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure is a device that lets its users play and at the same time exercise in the comfort of their homes.

Using the game's Ring-Con-- a flexible, hard-plastic ring that the user holds-- and one Joy-Con slots with a Leg Strap that holds the other Joy-Con, players of Ring Fit can jump, jog in place, stretch, and create workout routines to do every day. 

Since almost all citizens are advised to stay at home and prevent attending to gyms and social gatherings, Americans are now rushing in to get this device-- no matter what happens.

People are now making long drives just to buy Ring Fit Adventure device!

If you are thinking of buying this device for your family or for yourself, here's a warning for you. The item is now sold out in all online and physical Nintendo stores as of today. This means that if you wanted to buy this device, you must do and pay as much as you can in order to get it. Are you willing to do that?

One example of these Ring Fit desperate people is a mom from Wisconsin that has been featured by Vice website. According to Micah Garnett, her mom had been desperately looking for a Ring Fit device days ago. This is after her brother wished for a Ring Fit Adventure for his birthday, but her mom did not immediately buy the device since she thought that "2020 games don't sell out."

After weeks of still not buying, her mom already looked for the Nintendo device on stores. Unfortunately, it is too late. All physical stores near Wisconsin are now out of Ring Fit. Luckily, one employee from a store tipped her that one local store in Fond du Lac had the only copy in possibly all of Wisconsin. 

Her mom drove for more than one hour to get to Fond du Lac and was shocked when she figured out that Ring Fit is still available on the store. 

"We felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way," said Micha. "This was our Turbo Man. It felt like walking out with a million bucks." 

Why is Ring Fit Adventure in demand now?

Due to the huge demand of Ring Fit on stores, Amazon resellers are now taking this as an advantage to overprice these items. Normally, one copy of Ring Fit only costs $80; now Amazon is selling these for more than $300. 

Since everyone is locked down to their homes, Ring Fit seemed to be the best device to stay fit in the comfort of their homes. 

Nintendo already issued a statement saying that they are already "working to provide more units as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience." 

For now, congratulations to those who have their Ring Fit! That's quite a gem. 

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