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For ambiverts or introverts, social distancing is never an issue! But how about extroverts?

Social distancing is not all bad; it gave rise to many apps out there that are very useful in times like these where we need to stay at home and take care of ourselves by being disciplined individuals like how our parents taught us to be. With that said, here are some of the MUST have social distancing apps you need right now to either connect with your loved ones and friends no matter where they are in the world. 

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Netflix Party

Let's start with something we've already talked about here in Techtimes. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix with other people and interact with them via a chat box to the right, as long as they have their account(shared accounts don't get to have fun with you). The extension has been there for quite some time, but it has also garnered fame once the quarantine around the world was slowly being implemented. Google's Chrome Browser can also use the app itself for the moment, and if you're using any other browsers, sadly, you'd be missing out. 


Rave is the equivalent of the Netflix Party but only for mobile users. If you don't feel like watching on a big screen and enjoy watching in the comfort of your Android or iOS devices, then get Rave. It has similar features, but the difference is that you can share what you're watching at Netflix even with people who don't have an account. Besides Netflix, there is Youtube, Karaoke, Vimeo, and so much more to choose from to enjoy with your friends.

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Houseparty is similar to Zoom, which is a popular meeting spot virtually for video conferences and meetings. However, in Houseparty, it's currently receiving great reviews, and people are now switching over to their side of the fence due to its more sleek and fun features than the bland Zoom. This app has been in the market since 2016, but the same as Netflix Party, it only became popular with the start of the quarantine where people go now to usually video call with a group of friends and enjoy sharing memories and stories. 


This app is mainly used to justify your love of mobile games with friends and to compete with them from simple to complex games. The app has a host of games to choose from that you and your friends can play and interact with; the most popular of course is the always popular, Flappy Bird. Trivia, Charades, and more await you and your friends. Give it a try!


Drawful is one of those games that are fun to play; it's like an online multiplayer game in which one person is given something to draw no matter how crazy or ridiculous it may be on their mobile screen and not get a chance to delete it. The others in the group then submit their attempts to guess, and each person selects which is the most correct one. For a bit of mischief, the drawer also offers their bid to the pool of guesses-fun for all, all for fun.

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