For those who find themselves stuck at home and with no option to go to their favorite gym or fitness studio, digital workouts may be the next best option. Oculus, known for its immersive virtual reality games, will launch their new VR Fitness Workout, "Supernatural" this month which will give users a more tailored and immersive workout experience.

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"Supernatural" VR Fitness Workout Is Coming To Oculus

"Supernatural" will help you get into shape even within the confines of your home. According to a report on VR Fitness Insider, "Supernatural" is a subscription-based, immersive virtual reality game that provides the expert experience of fitness coaches, curated music, impressive digital landscapes, and tested routines all combined in a home-workout that you can experience every day.

The VR game includes leaderboards, a mobile companion app, and Bluetooth heart rate integration that will keep track of your fitness activity. "Supernatural" is a great way to get your cardio going while you enjoy breathtaking sceneries in the middle of performing workouts tailored to your fitness level.

The VR fitness workout will keep you motivated since a virtual fitness instructor will also provide feedback throughout the activity.

According to VR Fitness insider, you can get new daily workout content -- including the top artists' music library, a personal trainer, and high-quality sceneries that will take you to different parts of the world -- for a monthly subscription of $20. "Supernatural" will launch on April 23.

What makes "Supernatural" different from other VR fitness workouts?

According to the report on the Oculus website, "Supernatural" is the first app built on the mechanics of VR rhythm games that offers a virtual reality package specially designed for fitness.

According to the Founder and CEO of "Within", Chris Milk, the dislike of going to the gym inspired him to create the VR fitness workout game. He didn't find any home-fitness solutions that were particularly fun, and there were none where he could see long-term results. 

According to Chris, old VR rhythm games lacked health-focused features and metrics such as calibrated range of motion, designed movements for effort expenditure, heart rate sensor integration, professional training and guidance, and fitness progress tracking, which are all needed for an effective daily exercise platform.  

Chris developed the home-fitness paradigm that allows an individual to copy what the instructor is doing on their screen. The VR fitness workout offers this unique ability since it can transport people anywhere around the world virtually. 

"What if you had a wormhole in your closet, and you popped out of bed and dove through it to snowboard in the Swiss Alps every morning, and then popped back through the portal and took a shower and went to work?" Chris said on the Oculus blog

"That reality is possible if you introduce VR into the equation. That's the emotion we were chasing-something that gives you the physical exercise you're after, but in a fun, joyous, exhilarating way, and most importantly, you can do it in your home," he added.  

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