iPhone X
(Photo : www.pexels.com)

Apple's' next iPhone will have different looks. If the rumors are true, it will look like a smartphone-sized iPad. News has surfaced by a report from Mark Gurman from Bloomberg

iPhone X
(Photo : www.pexels.com)

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What's The Scoop

As Apple is now transitioning to a whole new streamlined look for all their devices, affecting the next iPhone. Some rumors suggest it will look like their iPhone 5 rather than what you currently know of the iPhone 11 Pro

The new iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2020 is said to be launched in the middle of April. Some speculated that the handset will be launched on Wednesday, Apr. 15. Jon Prosser who is one of the people who leaked information about Apple with a proven track record, has said.

Another source also supported Prosser's story that the new iPhone would arrive in the middle of this month, which coincides with the leak. So far, there are no other conflicting reports that came out of the internet to say otherwise.

This comes with a slew of reports lining up from the earlier rumors suggesting iPhone 2020 will look like iPhone 4, which had a glass at the back but similar to what the iPhone 5 used to look like as well. So, for now, we'll leave it to your imagination as more news gets disseminated down the pipeline. 

The new smartphone is rumored to come with flat steel edges to create a flat display, thus, making it a bit more similar to the iPad but with noticeably smaller bezels and would be the size of smartphones out right now.

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What Would This Mean

If the rumors are indeed true, it means there is a significant change in the current design format of how we know iPhones right now. In any case, it would look like one of the best design choices from Apple, which was arguably the best look and feel of an iPhone, which was the iPhone 4 and 5.

This would also be good for Apple as again; they are currently trying to synchronize the iPhone and iPad designs since Apple's smartphones are already due for a significant redesign. 

Also, news that the next Pro models will reportedly have about three rear cameras this time around, while the lower-end devices would be receiving about two cameras instead. Apple is planning on introducing the 3D LIDAR system, which the iPad Pro is already using on its top-tier iPhones. This would effectively enhance AR apps. 

What is reported is that the largest model will have about 6.5-inch screens. Already Apple is looking for a way to reduce or even remove the iPhone 11's large notch to make it a more surreal experience for the users. 

All of the next-gen units will reportedly be having a significant upgrade on their processors, which would increase the tasks for both AI and AR.

Usually, Apple launches new devices like iPhones and their gear around September. With what's happening right now due to the pandemic, there will be a few changes in their plans for this year.

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