(Photo : Screenshot from Official Facebook Page of Amazon)

Amazon has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting for the American people in terms of online grocery, which would be delivered door-to-door. They would be hiring more than 75,000 employees to compensate for the overwhelming demand on top of the already 100,000 strong workforces just recently employed.

(Photo : Screenshot from Official Facebook Page of Amazon)

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What Amazon Is Doing To Help Americans Who Are In Need

Just this Sunday, Amazon has announced that they will be putting customers on a wait list due to the "unprecedented" demand for the delivery and pick up services for their groceries. Customers from New Amazon Fresh, as well as Whole Foods Market, must now sign up for an invitation to be able to use online grocery delivery and pickup. They will be informed via email or text that they would be able to use the app if and only when they are approved, via a blog post.

Amazon assured customers that it would continue to add new customers every week as more and more employees are required to compensate for the overwhelming demand of Amazon's grocery services.

There has been a massive surge of new orders since the United States has been told to stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, which makes it harder for the customers to grab delivery slots. This also makes it harder for grocers to keep the most demanded items in stock.

Amazon, however, has taken steps to prioritize the high-demand stocks and would set give attention to Whole Foods locations to fill the online orders exclusively. Whole Foods pickup service covers roughly 80 to more than 150 stores, said the company.

Amazon said on Monday that it would be launching in the upcoming weeks that would give online grocery customers a "virtual place inline," which would be able to distribute delivery windows. Of course, first-come, first-served basis.

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How Many More Job Offerings Is Amazon Dishing Out?

They recently added over 100,000 individuals to assist in the fight against COVID-19 by doing their part to society. After that initial hiring stage, it seems that it would not be enough, hence the hiring of over 75,000 employees more. 

The company issued a statement and had this to say, "We continue to see increased demand as our teams support their communities, and are going to continue to hire, creating an additional 75,000 jobs to help serve customers during this unprecedented time,"

Amazon has been continuing to grow its footprint in the online grocery market since the start of COVID-19. They would not stop until it would be able to accommodate the needs of every American family out there who would wish to use its services-all without the risk of them going out and wait at the comfort of their own homes. 

Anyone is welcome to apply, especially for those people who have lost their jobs in industries like restaurants, hospitality, and travel. 

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