(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter of @IoTGadgets)

Samsung joins the fold in reminding people of how important hygiene is to combat the coronavirus pandemic. 

(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter of @IoTGadgets)

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Samsung's Move To Fight COVID-19

At this point, it is already clear for everyone that hygiene is essential, especially if you want to improve your chances of not getting infected from the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, a respiratory illness that attacks your respiratory immunity. 

Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2 is here to remind you of the basic hygiene of handwashing. It may sound simple enough, but it could save you and others from being infected with COVID-19.  

The South Korea tech company has released an update that will remind you to wash your hands every couple of hours. Apart from that, it will also tell you to spend enough time scrubbing your hands with soap, following the WHO guidelines. The update comes with a watch face that allows you to see just how long it has been since you last washed your hands. It will notify you if you've missed doing so.  

The software was developed just about two weeks ago by a team from the Samsung Research Institute-Bangalore. All development was made from the comfort of their own homes to instill that social distancing as well as to deter possible health risks. 

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Wear OS Updates

Earlier this week, Google also updated the Wear OS with the same feature. Unlike Samsung, Google's new feature will remind you to wash your hands for over 40 seconds, which supposedly 25 seconds. You may turn off the notification app at Wear OS by tapping it.  

Previously, Tech Times posted an article about Fitbit's update that promotes practicing a healthy lifestyle by reminding users about their daily exercise routine. It also has an additional tool for managing stress levels.  

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