iPhone SE
(Photo : www.pexels.com)

Apple Stores went down early Friday, Apr. 17, as the new iPhone SE prepares for their preorders for just a noticeably cheaper cost of $399.  

iPhone SE
(Photo : www.pexels.com)

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Apple Online Store is Down For Now

The preorder is available around 8:00 A.M. EST, that's 5:00 A.M. PST or 1:00 P.M. GMT. It was earlier revealed that the iPhone SE has only a 4.7-inch display, very similar to how the original 2016 iPhone SE looks like.

This is more of the budget-conscious buyer and not interested in how the trend of bigger is better, but rather something more similar to nostalgic looks of the iPhone's past. 

The new iPhone SE recently had rumors coming out, and we made an article about it if you're interested in learning more about it. The look and feel of it look like iPhone's of old, which is arguably one of the better designs when it still looked fresh and fit. 

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When the online store is up and running once again, you have three choices of three colors: black, white, and of course, Product Red. Options given for storage will be 64 GB for $399, 128 GB for $449 and 256 GB for $549. 

If you're not sure about Product Red, the money will support coronavirus pandemic relief efforts all around the globe, and it's wise to get this if you're concerned at all at what's happening right now. 

No word as to when Apple's online store will come back, but we will inform you right away once it's up and running so you can have a chance to preorder yours now and get a hold of your very own iPhone SE 2 or put, iPhone SE. 

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