Logitech's Combo Touch
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter of @appleinsider)

Logitech's new touchpad case turns your iPad into a mini laptop with no compromise whatsoever, and it is even cheaper than Apple's Magic Keyboard!

Logitech's Combo Touch
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter of @appleinsider)

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Having a trackpad for your iPad feels so good, transforming your iPad into a mini-laptop. Thanks to iOS 13.4 for adding trackpad support opens up a new way to use your iPad and make it into a powerhouse laptop that you never thought could be possible.

Why Logitech's Touchpad? Why Not?

Let's start with pricing, Apple's iPad Pro comes with a hefty price tag, starting around $800 which costs a lot already and add their Magic Trackpad for about $300 to $350 depending on your retailers. That would bring you over the $1,000 price range, which at that price can get you one of the high-end tier computers or laptops already.

Logitech's case, however, comes cheap in comparison with a $150 price tag on it and already has trackpad functions ready for your disposal. 

The Combo Touch, which is the name of Logitech's touchpad case, is a well-rounded case that provides support, security, and comfort for your iPad Pr, with just minor issues that can be remedied. 

The backlit keyboard is a welcome addition to the mundane ones. The keyboard feels dependable and responsive enough to garner praise. A row of extra function keys at the top of the keyboard feels and looks beautiful. It adds a home button, brightness controls. Volume, search keyboard backlight adjustments and play/pause monitoring, which adds to everything that is missing in Apple's Smart Keyboard and Magic Keyboard, mind you.

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What Else Is There To Know?

It looks bulky but offers just the right protection for your costly gadget. This is great if you are clumsy or you have kids. The kickstand also on the back is helpful to make it feel like a laptop; you can also choose to adjust it as well. There is a pencil loop that holds your Pencil if you have one of those.

The keyboard itself is detachable, so the iPad can be used on its own with the keyboard base that can be used as a screen cover. You can also access the Lightning and headphone jacks; you need to loosen case indents to do so.

The case itself is made to fit on a desk and not really for your lap. So it might be better called a mini PC rather than a laptop since it doesn't feel comfortable on your lap, but still, it's something you can quickly address. 

It may be the cheaper alternative for a keyboard for your iPad, but take note, it still is quite pricey, and it's up to you the reader to see if it indeed is worth transforming your iPad into your workhorse. 

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