Fortnite has done it again! After hosting Travis Scott's concert, gamers will be treated with none other than Diplo and also a special appearance from singer and actor, Jordan Fisher.

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Fortnite Really Did It Once Again

Fortnite, as well as Epic Games, have now collaborated with over three distinct artists from the music industry and already established names like Marshmello, Travis Scott, and the newest addition to the roster, DJ Diplo alongside his Major Lazer set.

Fortnite's latest tweet: 

The concert lasted for only 20 minutes and made good use of Fortnite's new Party Royale mode to wondrous effect. The new mode was launched alongside the game's latest update, v12.50.

Party Royale is a meeting spot in which players can socially interact with one another without getting shot. There are no guns and no building in the area, which is a good idea granted the non-violence themed mode.

Ever since Major Lazer concert took place in Party Royale, it looks like all virtual concerts, as well as trailer premieres, would be taking place in this mode rather than the regular battle royale map in which most players spend their time.

Together with the digital concert, Major Lazer gear is already on sale at the game's shop for just $25.

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What Happened During The Concert And What Other News

Epic Games held the concert of Diplo and Jordan Fisher in the east front of the island in the all-new Party Royale mode. From the previous two concerts, which was held in the main mode of Fortnite, the battle royale.

The Diplo concert didn't look like it generated the same amount of hype, but that doesn't mean it wasn't successful. The event couldn't generate as much hype as the rest because it was in a much smaller scope in regards to the venue and also because they advertised it too late.

Fortnite tweeted out the event just 30 minutes before the actual gig with the caption, "Nice night for a party."

This resulted in many people like content creators and players off guard. Hence very little publicity was generated due to Fortnite's decision to tweet it out that late before the start of Diplo's performance.

Don't fret, if you missed the performance, the best thing to do is look at the highlights and videos available to see.

The previous performances by Marshmello had over 10.7 million people in attendance, and Travis Scott's concert generated over 12.3 million. The numbers are yet to be known for the third performance, but it doesn't bode well due to the lack of awareness by fans over the world or who were already asleep.

Epic Games should learn from this mistake if they want to make digital concerts a thing in their game, which is most likely to be an avenue that they are definitely exploring.

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