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Ambulance workers are being bombarded over their version of the Tiktok coffin dance with a 'coronavirus' patient that went viral.

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The Ambulance Workers Are Having A Tough Time

Ambulance workers working over at North West Ambulance Service have been criticized continuously over the internet for their trendy coffin dance, which featured a supposedly "coronavirus" patient.

The video which was posted on Tuesday started as a pair of first responders speaking with a patient who coughed, then cue the music, then proceeded to a video of ambulance drivers carrying a dummy which represented the patient at the beginning of the video.

The meme was initially based on a video posted back in 2017 that went viral. It included the pallbearers in Ghana who gave a different kind of send-off of a loved one, with dances and cool outfits to boot. This gave a sense of happiness instead of the usual solemn ceremonies.

The meme has made a comeback and has since been shared regularly during the coronavirus pandemic creating more and more memes about it.

The video was titled: "Caution. Morale boost imminent £COVID19 £coffindance £nhs."

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The Aftermath of The Viral Video

North West Ambulance Service, the department in which the men in the video worked from has issued a statement. The statement talked about the coronavirus-related video is considered a breach into their social media policy, but before it was announced, it already received a thousand views online.

Before the video was removed from the app, the video had already been watched by over 40,000 people.

Among those who watched, many of them were disturbed and appalled by the reference of the coronavirus in the video.

One user from Twitter replied to the video by saying: "@NWAmbulance huge supporter of yourselves & the £NHS. I think you are all absolute legends ... But to stumble across this video, mocking people with £COVID19, calling it the coffin dance & stating this is 'morale'... Personally, I don't see families being ripped apart as morale."

The ambulance service then responded that this was not meant to hurt or cause distress from people who have suffered from the coronavirus pandemic. The video has since then been removed from TikTok.

A spokesperson from the NWAS told Liverpool Echo: "Whilst using social media, employees are expected to act professionally at all times and adhere to the same standards of behavior they would be expected to observe whilst in work."

"Although we understand the staff involved did not mean to cause offense, this video is inappropriate and a clear breach of our social media policy. It has now been removed."

Whatever you think about the video, albeit for fun, it might not be such a good idea to make jokes about the coronavirus which has now infected over almost 4 million people and took nearly 300,000 people away from their families.

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