Facebook shows off a redesign, and dark mode goes live for all and will be released gradually until everyone has it

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I'm pretty sure you've heard about Facebook's dark mode feature being teased for a long time now. Finally, after all the hype, it's starting to go live for everyone alongside a new look for Facebook.

What You Should Know About The New Look

The company says that the new design will make it much easier to look for features such as Videos, Games, and Groups. The new look for the desktop site, which looks very similar to Facebook' 's mobile app, should even load quicker than ever before.

Dark mode, ah yes, everyone has been craving for dark mode since it was teased a year ago. Dark mode has been highly anticipated since Twitter and Instagram already received the update awhile back already, and only Facebook was left in the dark, er light.

Besides it following the trend of other apps that have the option for dark mode, it's good to be able to have the choice to select between modes, and many would agree that the dark method is easier to the eyes, amongst other things.

Dark mode will be able to reduce your screen's brightness and minimize the glare you usually receive without it. The option will also be a better viewing experience if you decide to watch videos on Facebook.

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Other Important Notes To Remember

As mentioned earlier, Facebook will also have a new design in line with the appearance of dark mode. The new design will make it easier for you to create Events, Pages, Groups, and if you're business-minded, ads.

You can preview a new Group in real-time so you could see how it would look like if browsing through the mobile devices right before you make it go live.

Stan Schroeder, a writer from Mashable, has experienced the new design for weeks already and had some praises but equal concerns regarding his experience.

He said, "Facebook's dark mode isn't entirely black, but rather consists of several shades of dark grey, which is a look that I prefer." and added, "It looks alright in a narrow window, but if I stretch it across the entire length of my 34-inch monitor, it looks really odd"

Schroeder also went ahead and mentioned that the old design had an extra column that looked better for wider screens, and the blank space would appear around all of the content as you widen the window.

A Facebook spokesperson has told Schroeder that the release would be gradual but already started today. Users who prefer the previous design can switch it back by going on Settings and choosing "Switch to Classic Facebook." However, even that option will be removed after a few months.

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