Coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of changes for the past months. One of that is with the educational system around the world. Since all students are prohibited from going outside and socializing, it all boils down to online classes. Zoom app, particularly, became the alternative platform of education. However, students in America think that paying the same amount of tuition to online classes is not worth it after all. Here's why. 

Students won't pay $70K on online Zoom classes; Here's why  

Pandemic: $70K Zoom Classes Not Worth it, Says US Students
(Photo : Temilade Adelaja on Reuters )
Pandemic: $70K Zoom Classes Not Worth it, Says US Students

As first reported via AFP, students from different American institutions and universities have now filed a complaint against their schools after the alleged overcharging for school expenses amid pandemic. 

With or without pandemic, the United States is one of the many countries out there that charge expensively in school tuitions. In fact, third world countries even charge lower compared to the U.S.  

This is the reason why most U.S. students are now complaining about their schools. As reported, the $70,000 regular yearly tuition fees paid in U.S. universities cannot be charged now on students. 

Since everyone will practice online Zoom classes, students think that charging the same amount on a regular school year with the online classes will not be fair for them. 

Pamella Oliver, the provost and vice president of academic affairs at California State University, Fullerton, told a virtual town hall: "We are assuming that in the fall, we will be virtual." 

"We're paying for other services that the campus offers that aren't digitized," says Dhrumil Shah, who is doing a Master's degree in public health at George Washington University. 

Not only Shah was the only one facing the same problem, but many students were also reportedly criticizing schools for not charging lower tuition fees even though not all miscellaneous fees will be used by students such as tech labs, sports facilities, etc.

"No matter how much NYU insists to the contrary, it is simply not possible to provide a full performing arts education via Zoom," she said in a comment on

What happens once schools re-open?

Pandemic: $70K Zoom Classes Not Worth it, Says US Students
(Photo : Loren Elliott on Reuters )
Pandemic: $70K Zoom Classes Not Worth it, Says US Students

A lot of students and experts already claimed that schools will not yet return to normal amid Coronavirus pandemic. 

Matthew Hazel, a high school English teacher at Freedom High School in Orlando, Florida, is one of these people. 

"Anyone who says there's a way to socially distance in an American high school is kidding themselves or you. It can't be done," said him."I'm in a high school with 4,000 students in it. You can't spread the desks far enough apart, the rooms aren't large enough, and there's nowhere else to put the children," he added. 

Meanwhile, it is still unknown how online classes setup will take place once schools turn digital. 

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