The Teddy Bears and the Garden Gnomes are back at it again at Fortnite, continuing their ongoing battle in secret--so secret that you wouldn't really know it was happening until you stumble upon them somewhere on the island and trigger the event.

Fortnite Secret Challenges

We first saw the rivalry between the bears and the gnomes in April when a secret challenge was hinted at on the Daily Challenges board.

Fortnite fans had to check out the Weeping Woods and find the bears' secret headquarters, which will then trigger a variety of events such as aiming telescopes near gnomes, scattered around the woods.

Players would also have to find honey pots hidden in the island as part of the "For the Bears" and "For the Gnomes" challenges.

For a while, players did not see any more of the challenge and perhaps thought that was it, but it turned out the battle between the bears and gnomes continued, so you'll have to rescue the bears from the gnomes' attack and even disarm both parties who are ready to go in an all-out war.

Now, another secret challenge is here featuring the bears and the gnomes yet again.

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"Location Domination" Challenges

This week, Fortnite players have to help the gnomes destroy the bears for their ongoing battle.

According to GameRant, the secret challenge will be collectively known as "Location Domination," which perfectly describes what is happening as they battle it out for dominion over Holly Hedges.

Although it features these characters that players have grown fond of, "Location Domination" is actually different from past challenges as it includes ten challenges in all.

Each challenge done will provide the player with some XP.

Those who want to try and complete all these challenges should have destroyed the gnomes first on the most recent secret task.

Where to Find the Teddy Bears

For this challenge, players have to destroy the Teddy Bears that are hidden all around Holly Hedges, meaning you don't have to go all around the map to complete the task, although you'll have to be more careful as it's possible that other players are also trying to complete the task and the place will have more traffic.

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Here are the specific locations of the bears:

  • Check the blue house to the northwest part of the town. A bear is hiding behind it, near the tent.
  • Go inside the house and check the stairs where a teddy bear is located.
  • Next, check the house's living area. A teddy bear is on the striped couch.
  • Near the house is a large tree with a teddy on the ground.
  • Check the Garden Centre where two bears are located: one by the registers and another by the metal shelving.
  • Check the grey house in the southwestern part of Holly Hedges. Go inside and go to the bedroom on the second floor where a bear is located next to the bed.
  • On the southeast part of the town, go to the green house where there will be two bears inside: one in the attic by the telescope and another in the upstairs bedroom by the bed.
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