Epic Games is rolling out a new update for Fortnite, and as with past maintenance updates, there was some server downtime to prep the game for the update 12.60, but what can fans expect from the update?

Fortnite Update 12.60

According to the Daily Express, server downtime was recently lifted, and those who haven't downloaded the latest update can do so now.

The update is not big and does not include any significant changes to the game, but it does include several bug fixes to ensure the quality of gameplay of Fortnite players in various platforms, including on consoles, PC, and mobiles.

Among the fixes that fans can expect is the issue with the Dragacorn Glider, wherein the animations for it don't work, and instead of showing the glider, you end up seeing the default glider design.

Now, players should be able to see the actual Dragacorn Glider when they equip it.

Additionally, the Riot Control Baton will be re-added to the game and will no longer appear as the usual Pickaxe.

Once players download Fortnite patch 12.60, the hit damage indicators should stop appearing in the wrong direction.

There are also bug fixes for the Creative Mode and the Save the World modes, such as fixing the problem with the ammo when picked up, showing the character consuming it, and other fixes.

Players can check the game's community Trello board to be updated with the included fixes.

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Other Changes to the Game

Besides these fixes, a dynamic resolution has also been added to the iOS version of the game, plus the Jetpack and Grappler are now available to the Party Royale mode.

Meanwhile, Epic Games has announced its plans to hold a new Spy Games TM, that requires Fortnite players to acquire Intel Case from the opposition turf, which means you can choose from either SHADOW or GHOST factions.

As with past updates, data miners have found some interesting things with the updates, including some new skins, gliders, wraps, and more.

Data Miners Found Interesting Files

According to the Daily StarFortnite data miner Lucas7Yoshi shared on his official Twitter account all of the files he has mined from the latest game update, such as an old game skin known as the Recon Ranger.

The fan also discovered new secrets, such as new cosmetics, including the Shimmer Specialist and the Renegade Shadow skins.

There are also new Storm and the Agency challenges, which will likely appear on next week's update that will probably be the last update for this season since Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3, will officially arrive on June 4.

The Doomsday flood event will also most likely occur in the coming days, especially since the end of the season is getting nearer.

As of now, fans have no idea how exactly the Doomsday event will happen, although everyone believes it will involve a great flood or perhaps the island sinking into the water after a data miner previously mined posters suggesting some sort of flood or water event.

For now, fans just have to wait for further Fortnite happenings.

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