Google will launch a major update for mobile devices that will apply a dark theme to search results when Chrome is in dark mode.

The dark mode gives eyes a much-needed break, particularly when surfing at night. However, it only changes the color of the browser interface itself, but not the results page when using Google Search, which is what most Chrome users intend it for.

This may no longer be a problem as Chrome will go darker. According to Android Police, Google plans to resolve this problem is preparing an update that changes the theme of search results. It has actually begun testing dark mode on Search on Chrome for mobiles, particularly on Chrome Canary.

The changes on the mobile version of the Search features include a more gray-toned theme and an inverted account avatar, which somehow looks weird.

The change was first spotted by 9to5Google when the feature went live over the weekend, although its control flag has been present for longer. Android Police tested the feature on both Chrome Dev and Canary, but it only works in the current Canary channel Android release. This is different from the flag's claim that it works on both platforms.

However, XDA said two weeks ago that the dark mode can be forced on any Android Chrome release channel by adding &cs=1 to the end. Just toss that five-character combo on the end of any Google Search URL in Chrome for Android, and you can enjoy dark-theme search results - though it doesn't reportedly work in most other browsers.

This follows the same update made by Google to its standalone Google Search app. When the dark mode is enabled across the phone's system, the app will automatically switch to a matching theme to prevent eye strains.

Why is dark mode better?

Aside from reducing the risk of eye strains, the dark mode also increases the mobile phone's battery life. A YouTube video by How to Men explains how to enable dark in the phone's settings and most Google apps like YouTube, Google Contacts, Google News, and Google Maps as well as some popular apps like Twitter and WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, Android users can try the new, darker search results by installing Chrome Canary and activating a flag to enable the feature. To enable the flag that allows the activation of new or experimental options, they just need to go to chrome://flags in Chrome Canary. Look for the "Show darkened search pages on the Android" flag and click the switch to enable it. Then, restart the browser.

It is worth noting that the new design might go through a few changes before it is added to the release version of Chrome. Thus, if a few elements look strange or hard to read at the moment, the tech giant will surely make some tweaks to correct the issues. The new dark results page is also expected to arrive on iOS.

Meanwhile, TechRadar provides the steps to apply the dark mode for Windows 10, macOS, Android, iPad, or iPhone.

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