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Reinforcing the false notion that 5G causes the coronavirus, online scammers are capitalizing on people's irrational fears by selling 128MB USB flash drives with the promise that it will prevent acquiring COVID-19. It has been established that 5G has no effect, harmful or otherwise, on the human body. 

(Photo : Image Courtesy of PixaBay)

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Scammers are using fear of 5G to sell USB Sticks saying it will protect people from the 'harmful' effects of 5G 

The origin of the scam stems from the 5G conspiracy theory that it was causing the coronavirus. This was already proven to be false. However, this didn't stop a company called BioShield Distribution from showcasing a device that they claim can protect users from the coronavirus using "quantum holographic catalyzer technology."

Despite it looking like an ordinary flash drive, the 5GBioShield went on sale in the UK for $348. The company says that it can protect the user's entire home from 5G. Based on descriptions from their website, BioShield Distribution provided further details on how their technology could help.

"The 5GBioShield USB Key with the nano-layer is a quantum holographic catalyzer technology for the balance and harmonization of the harmful effects of imbalanced electric radiation. The nano-layer operating diameter is either 8 or 40 meters. The 5GBioShield USB Key is resulting from the research of several decades in multiple countries. The active key operating diameter shields and harmonizes a complete family home," the website says.

Even if there have been numerous studies proclaiming 5G to be safe, anti-5G campaigners continue to insist that next-generation networks can cause health problems as well as the coronavirus.

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How did they know it's a fake?

To investigate if the company's claims were actually true, Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners, together with his associate Phil Eveleigh, ordered one 5GBioShield device and dissected it.

From a blog entry posted by the two, Pen Test Partners detailed its teardown of the anti-5G machine saying, "We managed to pull the device off the crystal, which showed nothing other than an LED at the end of the stick, the same as the other 'crystal' USB keys we found made in Shenzen. There were no additional components or any connections. The circular area on the main casing looked like it might be where the 'quantum holographic catalyzer technology' transmitter might be. Carefully taking that off, not to damage the key components and, with crushing disappointment, it looked exactly like a regular sticker."

So in conclusion, the 5GBioShield is simply an expensive 128MB USB flash drive that was falsely marketed as a device that would deter the negative effects of 5G. If you ever come across this device, or anything similar proclaiming the same benefits, being sold online, report it, and don't allow yourself to be scammed by people who wish to exploit your fear for your money.

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