If you thought the whole "men do less around the house than women" notion was just an unfounded stereotype, we've got some news for you.  A new study has shown that even when men aren't employed they still do less housework than their female counterparts. 

According to data from the annual American Time Use Survey, even when men aren't working, they still do significantly less housework and child care than women.

Josh Katz at Upshot compiled charts from a sample size of the survey, which compared 147 women and 147 men, and found that 81 of the women used their free time on housework and tending to others needs compared to only 34 of the men.

"Housework combined with our next category (caring for others) occupied almost six hours of the average woman's day in our sample, compared with less than three hours for that of the average man," Katz writes.

So what are the men doing instead? According to the survey, unemployed men spend more time watching TV than searching for a job. For each person who job searches, six more devote most of their time to watching television and movies.

The survey also found that many adults between the ages of 25 and 54 spend most of their weekdays working, whereas unemployed people of both sexes sleep more than those with jobs.

According to Katz's charts, men who aren't working also spend time doing other leisure activities such as relaxing, reading or browsing the Internet. Those who aren't working also dedicate their time to education. Throughout the day, 11 people in the sample size spent nine hours on average for education.

[Photo Credit: Sarah Joy/Flickr]

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