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Older Fathers Risk Health Of Unborn Children And Partners

Men should consider their own biological clock when planning their families. A new study found that, like women, men over the age of 45 experience physical changes that might affect the wellbeing of their partners and children.

Public Health May 14, 2019

Women Often Diagnosed Much Later Than Men For Same Diseases: Study

On average, women receive diagnoses for any type of disease four years later compared to men. Researchers said that the findings should encourage doctors to consider sex when screening for health conditions.

Public Health March 27, 2019

Researchers Identify Gene That Could Be Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction

A new study has identified the gene that might have been causing erectile dysfunction in men. Researchers hope that their findings will lead to better options for prevention and treatment.

Public Health October 11, 2018

Some Men Feel Sad, Tearful, And Irritable After Sex, Too: Study

Men also get conflicted feelings after sex, not just women. A new study on postcoital dysphoria sheds light on the male sexual experience, and argues men’s feelings after sexual intercourse might be more complicated than previously thought.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 30, 2018

Why Are Men Drawn To Luxury Brands? Blame Testosterone, Study Says

A new study found that testosterone plays a role in men’s tendencies to be drawn toward luxury brands of cars, watches, and clothes. The male sex hormone emerges as a factor dictating male consumer behavior.

July 4, 2018

Ancient Wars And Clan Structure Decimated Y Chromosome Genetic Diversity 7,000 Years Ago

Between 7,000 and 5,000 years ago, there was a bottleneck of the Y chromosome in society. Researchers discovered this by running different computer simulations.

Ancient May 30, 2018

Tough Men Likely To Be More Dishonest About Medical Symptoms

A new study revealed that tough men tend to carry such attitude in health care by lying to their doctors. Not a good idea when men’s health is on the line.

Life March 28, 2016

Study Reveals Why Men's Brains Decline Faster Than Women's

The brain of men ages faster than women's. A new study highlights the effects of the interplay among brain size, age and sex that contribute to volume changes of the grey matter.

Life December 9, 2015

Researchers Reveal How Much Weight You Need To Lose To Look Attractive

Researchers at the University of Toronto found a link between people’s weight and how they are perceived to be attractive. The study found that men and women need to lose or gain an exact amount of weight in order to be deemed good-looking.

Life December 6, 2015

Do Men Get Monthly ‘Man Periods’? A Quarter Say They Have Pre-Menstrual-Style Symptoms

Turns out men may actually have their own form of monthly periods. According to a survey conducted in the UK, more than 25 percent of men experience what they believe to be monthly periods of irritability, unexplained cravings and other symptoms similar to PMS.

Life November 21, 2015

Study Shows Men Go For Brains Over Beauty

What to men look for in long-term partners? Intelligence, according to an evolutionary biologist. Breasts and legs are still nice but not so highly preferred unless they appear symmetrical.

May 26, 2015

Keeping Fit May Help Middle-Aged Men Reduce Cancer Risks

Exercise may significantly reduce the risk of cancers, including fatilities, among middle-aged men.

Life March 27, 2015

Wired to Misunderstand? Here's Why Men Think of Sex When Women Just Think of Friendship

Women and men both misunderstand each other when it comes to friendly or sexual interest signals. However, men often misunderstand sexual interest signals given by a woman.

Life January 31, 2015

Turns Out Even Unemployed Men Do Less Housework Than Women

According to the American Time Use Survey, even when men aren't working, they still do significantly less housework and child care than women.

Internet Culture January 7, 2015

Proof that Men are Stupid? Study Shows Males More Inclined to Take 'Idiotic Risks'

New research suggests that men are stupid and take idiotic risks. The study involved the analysis of 20 years of data from the Darwin Awards.

Life December 12, 2014

Are male brains wired to choose sex over food?

Researchers suggest that male brains prefer sex to food. Males are believed to suppress hunger to find a mate.

October 19, 2014

Mental stress affects heart health of men and women differently, study suggests

A new study reveals that mental stress can affect heart health of men and women differently. Doctors should take this difference into consideration while treating patients.

Life October 14, 2014

High alcohol intake ups risk of HPV in men

Time to cut back on happy hour, boys. According to a study, men are at greater risk of getting HPV if they regularly drink alcohol in high amounts.

Life October 7, 2014

Lifestyle changes can help prevent 80 percent of heart attacks in men: Study

A new study shows that 4 out of 5 heart attacks in men can be prevented through five simple steps. These include maintaining a healthy diet, keeping the waist slim, regular exercise and staying away from alcohol and tobacco.

Life September 23, 2014

Short men wed later, but stay married longer

Tall men are more likely to marry older women with a high education, but have a higher divorce rate compared to short men. Short men marry later in life, but these unions last the longest.

Internet Culture August 26, 2014

More adult women gamers than teenage boy gamers: ESA research

There are roughly twice as many adult females gamers as there are males under 18 that play video games, according to a report from the ESA. Video game purchases are an even split between male and female buyers.

Video Games August 24, 2014

Women, not teenage boys, are leading the mobile gaming charge

New statistics show women are leading the mobile gaming world. They're also the most loyal to games and outspend males in in-app purchases, claims a new study.

Video Games August 8, 2014

Semen test is latest diagnostic prostate cancer tool and may be best test yet

New research is giving hope to men and the fight against prostate cancer. The study has shown improved ways of better diagnosing the cancer and helping to deliver treatment more accurately.

Life June 9, 2014

Marijuana may stem fertility in men so stop toking if you're trying for a baby

If you're toking and trying to have a baby, you might want to stop smoking pot, says a new study. Research indicates marijuana may negatively impact sperm.

Life June 5, 2014

Porno habit may be shrinking the male brain

Watching porn may be shrinking the brain, research suggests. That's not good news for the millions of men who regularly are viewing.

Life May 30, 2014

Men, stop trying to sound sexy, because women think it's stupid: Try lowering your voice

Trying to sound sexy and sensual is no longer one of the strong points in a man's arsenal for courting a lady. A new study shows that women no longer view this act as worthy of a man.

Life April 24, 2014

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